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The main reason for any company is to generate wealth for its shareholders and investors. The means to achieve this is to create, maintain and profitable customer loyalty. By best products or services that your company develop or marketed (excellent product) or for better efficiency you have in your business processes and their manuals of operation (excellence in business processes, Best Practices), if you don’t have customers loyal and profitable, there is no business. The strategy of some companies is a permanent creation of clients. This indicates that the defection of clients is very high and to maintain the flow of business, it is necessary to be getting new clients permanently (this happens much in telecommunications companies, cellular telephony, subscriptions). Does your company follow a strategy such as this? It is proven by studies and analysis which is among 5 to 13 times more expensive getting a new client that maintain a current customer.

Many of the most successful companies in the world of business, based their strategies on maintain excellent business relationships with current clients, through a knowledge of each of them and providing them with successful experiences in the provision of products and services, combined with a coherent strategy for generation of new customers. The greatest opportunity for innovation is on the way as we generate experiences of purchase and use of the services by our clients. To win a space featured on the market we can do the same thing that makes all the others, we can not form part of the society of the society of excess excess has an excess of similar companies, employs similar people, with similar education, with similar ideas, producing similar things, with prices similar and with similar quality. Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale (Funky Business). Many companies can fairly accurately answer questions like these: what are our products star which is the volume of sales of each of the products which is the profitability of each of our product lines worth our product inventory how many orders we receive, we Bill and ship very few companies can answer questions like these: what are our customers star which is the profitability of our main customers which is developed turnover with each of our customers how many new clients have in this period how many customers have lost in this period and how much represent in our PyG worth our portfolio of clients which is the potential value of purchase of our major clients as this forming our customer Paretto (20% of customers who provide us with 80% of revenues) that clients worth investing which is our 20 main customer loyalty index that portfolio of solutions applied best it educates our customers if this is so obvious, because we continue to act focused on products (product lines, product managers, brand managers, indicators of management by product, sales volumes of product, etc.) and focused on processes (quality, ISO 9000, rules, bureaucracy, Manual, etc.) and not focus on be more centric client (segment managersdevelopment of memorable experiences for the customer, vision of 360 customer, customer lifecycle, indicators of customer management, rate of growth and customer loyalty, value of customers as an asset of the company, employee empowerment, promotion of innovation, etc.).

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