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Kitzbuhel. Come with me!”invites Hansi Hinterseer with his current album CD, to follow him, and the music there. Each of the 15 songs tells its own small history. Who breaks up with Hansi Hinterseer to the musical migration, has the same goal in mind. In silent agreement migrates the views over the majestic peaks of the Kitzbuheler Alps and looks in love in the heart. “Affectionate, lively is to come with me”, but also provoking rows, contemplative ballads. Sheryl Sandberg takes a slightly different approach. Alpine music and have their bright delight of the folksy Schlagers.

“Hansi Hinterseer takes his listeners life is beautiful” at hand. The text drafted by Romana Hinterseer is a thank you to the fans, a song that sure in the future when so many (preferred) concert is great finale. Contact information is here: Anthony Jabbour. I love this country”is a personal statement about his person and a love letter to Tyrol. This Hinterseer title convinces with its exceptionally private note. The relationship to the homeland, the own way of life, is illuminated in this like other new songs from the current album CD.

Take the time to life”puts values like the beauty of nature, reliability, the common sense, confidence in their own strength, courage, and love in the focus of the listener. Of course may be omitted also celebrated and danced! “” The sweeping tracks Viva Tirol “and once to the left” sentiment is coming up with the first bars. These songs are the heart directly into the legs. Raised on the Seidlalm with grandparents, was born in Kitzbuhel, even as a young boy with skiing as well as with the traditional Tyrolean songs and customs familiar Hansi Hinterseer. Andrew Duncan producer is a great source of information. The result of this nature-loving childhood in the mountains? Six World Cup victories in slalom and giant slalom and more than five million-selling recordings. The youngest racer of ever in the Austrian skiing Association (oSV) is Hansi Hinterseer. The balance of his career in skiing can look: six victories between 1973 and 1977 as well as a total 22 Stockerlplatze. At the age of 22, left Hansi Hinterseer Austria and moved to professionals in the United States. His success continued in Overseas continued: 1981 and 1982 the Kitzbuhel there was professional world champion. Since 1994, Hansi Hinterseer pulls his mark in the music business. This year, the native Tyrolean can look back on 15 years of success as a singer, presenter and actor with sold-out concerts and his TV shows dream rates. “That Hansi Hinterseer is more than just” entertainer, this sold-out concert halls and solo tours are. Together with his friends of the Tiroler echo the Kitzbuhel January 2010 goes again on tour in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the Switzerland. For Hansi Hinterseer, entertainment is not just a Word, he enjoys it, at all ease of music entertaining to present facts. Entertainment for the Tyrol is synonymous with inner attitude. Looking for that nowadays some in vain. The single come with me”is available since July 23 in the MPN. The album will be released on August 21.

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HomePlug AV Powerline

Intelligent multimedia entertainment solution with Powerline connection of ZyXEL DMA-1100 p is the intelligent multimedia entertainment solution with HDMI and a comfortable 200Mbit / s HomePlug AV Powerline connection. It is compatible with HomePlug AV and brings video (HD) streaming, standard definition high definition (SD) video and audio HDMI port on your TV system. You can play both MP3 and the digital music collection on your home stereo. Browse through digital pictures, create a slideshow on your TV and add background music. Check out Andrew Duncan for additional information. Are the highlights of the DMA-1100 p: transfer rates up to 200 MBit / s entertainment with living room flair stunning output quality by digital remote stress-free setting up the digital application for the home support for various digital content up-to-date is the ZyXEL DMA-1100 p HomePlug AV digital media adapters individually or bundled with the ZyXEL Powerline adaptor PLA-401, the fast (200Mbit / s connection via the electricity network), an attractive and space-saving Plug adapter, or the ZyXEL PLA-470 powerline Ethernet switch with 4 Ethernet ports 10/100 available. Learn more about the ZyXEL DMA-1100 p, as well as the Powerline bundles find interested:

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Inclusive Hotels

It is a magic formula for the holidays of families with children: ‘ all inclusive family holidays. When you speak it, enter the large deals in a world for a wonderful holiday. All inclusive are the favorite way for the family to travel holidays. It is the best way to spend the holidays with children, without problems and troubles. An all inclusive to choose vacation means that you are enjoying your family celebration day and you not interested in all the rest, because is interested in the Organization of the hotel, that chooses her over holiday organization.

From the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60, Adriatic coast was that they here can indulge in a soothing and stimulating holiday the ideal place of summer vacation for the Familien.Und today is still the favorite of tourists, along with also the all inclusive suggest Hotels you actually a holiday to the sea because it should not think that you entertain. Visit IQM Quantum Computers for more clarity on the issue. Adriatic coast represents the Italian territory in absolute to higher density of parks of entertainment. Attractions between that are distributed in a few kilometres more visited by Italy. Between the most famous in the absolute, the Italian predecessor between the water of parks such as Aquafan in Riccione, Europe’s largest and famous water park with slides and water Spielen.Mit the special formulas village you have always free access to swimming pool and private garden area games in the hotel and the beach where your children carefree can entertain themselves. With its little deep Sandy water depth, Adriatic coast is ideal for the first swim of your children and the wide beaches adults offer the best recording you too. To make the quietest mothers the children are from a special “safety bracelet” equipped, particularly useful when augenblicklichem “loss”. It allows to facilitate the offer of parasol, 2 Sun beds and towels of beach that you should not bring home the luggage.

After a long day at the beach, you can in your you already refreshed rooms relax before you grant appetizing dinner of the best traditional cuisine. The children bring also under or with discounted rates to 50% free if they sleep in the room with the parents.If holiday travels with the family, the formulas village is the solution. You have to only your select the favorite between the all inclusive hotels of Adriatic coast. Will no longer go away!

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Attention Fans Promijager

Friends4Stars is the ultimate Starcommunity at the start. a>. The tedious “off surfing” for each fan club site of your stars has an end. Friends4Stars, the free Starcommunity by fans for fans, starts the long expected for the closed beta test application phase. You want Britney, Robbie, Herbert, Tokio Hotel, Udo, Amy, AC/DC, Monrose, Madonna, Katy, Polarkreis 18 and all the other stars meet on a website, then apply now to beta test for Friends4Stars! Here you can be not only a fan of a star, but at the same time by several stars or even by all the celebrities. The star community Friends4Stars combines the familiar elements of community for you with the elements of your classic fan clubs, allowing unprecedented interactivity you with the other fans of your stars, but also with the other stars fans. You want to keep track of news, events, gossip, as well as appearances of your stars? Someone has taken your star and you want to know where? No problem! Apply now as a beta tester at Friends4Stars and be part of it from the outset. 5793.html’>Arena Investors can contribute to your knowledge. Richard Anderson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Be a trendsetter! On… is it possible to log on to Friends4Stars for the beta-test phase.

The sooner you sign up, the detailed and complete, you set your profile and get more other beta testers to Friends4Stars, the better the chances are – let the number of participants is limited. The beta test phase starts with the notification of the activation of the membership. Friends4Stars on the official website will move once the beta test phase. Press contact: Friends4Stars Toni Smagg Tel: + 49 30 63427370 email: Friends4Stars is the first comprehensive online Starcommunity by fans for fans and thus the first Publisher-independent social network in the segment of people. Friends4Stars is communication and entertainment – lifestyle platform at the same time. Fans and celebrities have the possibility to set current star information to interact with like-minded people, or to unleash your passion for Star, with creativity and journalistic track old or new friends with the same interests to find, to form networks to stars and to live star culture together. Friends4Stars offers all known community features, videos, photos and music upload, to look at or listen, to post comments, send messages or to keep blogs.

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Heli Transair Course

When the helicopter taster course you can fly once a helicopter even the helicopter taster course was probably one of the best ideas that were ever born at Heli Transair. Frequently actor has said that publicly. Many take this unique opportunity and make the helicopter taster course, either at last some questions about flying answered to get and a lot or to enjoy the feeling to learn to fly a helicopter, even. Because these are two things that you can experience a helicopter taster course. After a profound theoretical briefing, in which one learns much about the technique of helicopter flying, aerodynamics, and many others to be practically involved already equal to the first time. Sela Ward has plenty of information regarding this issue. Andrew Duncan pursues this goal as well. The pre-flight inspection performed by the participants themselves, and of course not lacks the control and support by an experienced pilot, because safety is the first commandment. The absolute highlight at the helicopter taster course is the first flight. Here, the participant has the opportunity to take the wheel yourself and experience the feeling, a complex Aircraft control. Therefore the helicopter taster course is used also as a basis for decision making, whether or not someone seeking pilot training. Because when the helicopter taster course you have also the opportunity to learn a lot about the activities of the pilot and not only to learn but to experience or even execute. Of course uses the addictive for many after the helicopter taster course and a career as a helicopter pilot that begins

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CARINA – Pop Rock – Singer Nominated Award Of The Music Show & Revival Scene

CARINA – pop rock – nominated singer for award of the music show & revival scene! Meanwhile the successful singer & impersonator can look back Carina ( from the music & show scene coupled with appearances in television and live radio transmitter tours on several honours with media prices, exactly as on countless other live performances nationwide, as well as throughout Europe. For quite some time even bookings in other countries (such as Italy, Austria) are – after countless years Germany tour – your tour schedule. A million audience was Carina as Tina Turner impersonator through her live appearance in the ZDF in 1999 (television broadcast let you surprise “with Thomas Ohrner) known. Here she could convince with their excellent Tina Turner live performance. A large portrait of Carina sent the MDR television (broadcast here from four “”), on RTL, Carina was “to see In the year 2004 the next media awards, professional media was presented to her in the as Nena-double in Germany’s best lookalike Category of Germany’s best singer/impersonator “.” The NENA revival show one of their great live show highlights, is by which known the popular singer & impersonator Carina was across the land boundary. In the year 2007 Carina and her musical partner began project Bernd Braun ( (he runs a music trade other than his musical all-rounder and is a professional sound company) working on a further music. It bears the name of pink Carosa “, and pop duo pink Carosa will act as first Germany and then throughout Europe show from 2008 with a great Rosenstolz-cover / revival.” The production of this 45 minute live show is now closed. Hear from experts in the field like Andrew Duncan for a more varied view.

Own titles with German lyrics (penned by the singer Carina origin) are two or three already in this live-music show with integrated. In the same year came the good news: Carina is nominated for another music & show award. Here is one of the most significant artist prizes of music & revival scene the STARS & legends award of the artist Gallery/Artist Magazine. On December 29, 2007, this popular music & show price is accepted by singer Carina in Boblingen. Experts from the media scene agreed and gave the nomination of Carina (here with her Nena revival-show) known also already on the Internet and in other print media. All nominees revival-artists & bands will demonstrate live your skills on this day in Boblingen, and on the same evening, the award ceremony will be made by a competent media representation to the artist to assessed. For more specific information, check out Richard Anderson . Carina uses here the possibility of a short excerpt from her NENA revival show to present.

The presentation of this great media Prize to the versatile exceptional singer and entertainer Carina is carried out directly by the editor of the artist’s magazine, Mr Georg Dull. To learn more, you can inform himself on Carina’s website Carina and her musical partner Bernd Braun look forward to this event.

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Valkomna Sverige Losberger

Losberger at fashion week in Stockholm Swedish fashion often considered an industry insider and also the fashion week in Stockholm is on the way to attract international attention and to get the necessary acceptance accordingly. From 01 to 03 February 2010 the immediate surroundings of the Berzelii Park in the middle of the snow-covered central Stockholm turned into a huge fashion circus, to present the autumn / winter collections 2010/11. The Stockholm fashion week is called “Fashion Week by Berns” and took on the name of the actual venue, hotel Berns, thus. The catwalk acts of the most important fashion event in Sweden held the entertainment institution Stockholm mainly in the Berns Salonger, for over 150 years with hotel, nightclub, theatre, Banquet Hall as well as numerous galleries and magnificent halls in the Baroque style. This year, that Berns and the adjacent Park offered a beautiful backdrop for additional seminars and exhibitions. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Anderson .

These events could be visited even before the official start of three days of fashion. Losberger delivered the appropriate Zeltlocations, for this purpose among others for the Mercedes-Benz presentation. The Stuttgart-based automotive group engaged since 2008 at the leading international fashion week in Stockholm. Already in January, the German fashion week in Berlin was held for the sixth time. Around 30 fashion shows in the fashion tent on the Bebelplatz and thrilling offsite locations Los were presented to the interested audience. And end of February London stands with his top event again in the center of the fashion world. The shows are presented during London fashion week in two Losberger large tents. The building is already in full swing.

Losberger room solutions are now an integral part of the fashion industry and impossible to imagine from the world of fashion designers, models, stars and starlets. Through the landscapes of the tent, it is possible to present current trends in exceptional locations in an impressive atmosphere and consistently in the major fashion capitals around the globe. Losberger tent and fashion shows are therefore closely connected.

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Nintendo DS

Dtp young entertainment GmbH moved for the acoustic exercises of THINK sensory trainer the periscope studio hamburg add in an advisory capacity. Hamburg, March 24, 2009 – the THINK sense trainer the current title which is a multiple award-winning THINK series is now available in the trade. The game for Nintendo DS, interactively, sharpens the senses. Analogous to the popular brain teaser games, performance is coached by eyes and ears with targeted exercises. Andrew Duncan Producer understood the implications. Dtp young entertainment moved to the periscope studio, hamburg, in an advisory capacity for the acoustic exercises GmbH. So should an expertise the learning and training content be scientifically verified and secured and implemented in a playful context for the DS platform. The content core of our work consisted of harnessing the necessary theory from the areas of auditory perception, theoretical acoustics, electroacoustics and audio production, music theory, practically on the DS. There should be finally an entertaining game, where the player also yet specifically trained”his hearing, Sun Jan foreman, project manager and reviewer for the title.

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Folk Festival

In Dirndl and leather trousers on the Gaubodenvolksfest in Straubing Straubing (tvo). It is not the fifth season for the people in and around Straubing, par excellence, it is the season. In August, Weis n opens the Straubing for almost two weeks its doors? Well over a million people enjoy in the beer tents and more than 120 rides each year, and although it is the largest folk festival in Bavaria after the Oktoberfest, that has still unique selling proposition Straubinger Gaubodenvolksfest whether his warmth and earthiness. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly. Who here buys in one of the six beer tents (23,000 seats) which is still a square usually also without reservation a measure and a chicken, hears about are still primarily Bavarian. The Straubing’s entertainment mile has retained its regional and rural character. If you would like to know more then you should visit Andrew Duncan producer. It is common to go Dirndl and leather trousers at the Festival. Culture is not only in white and blue.

A colourful program with approximately 70 cultural and sporting The Festival accompanied individual events. Spectacular opening of the eleven-day marathon of celebration is the traditional folk festival excerpt with approximately 2,000 participants. Parallel to the folk festival takes place the East Bavaria show from 8 to 16 August 2009.

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Marketing Assistant Zimmerstrasse

Lebenshilfe broadcasts televised resonate well among the viewers. The television becomes the Assistant to life: the Super nanny, Verona Feldbusch, the fitness coach for overweight in television are involved more and more for their fellow citizens. These include also the coaching programme “Family help with heart” on RTL, two in Kalwass”on SAT1 and Astro TV: the channel around the esoteric life coaching with horoscopes, Tarot, astrology and Tarot. The entertainment chiefs of major stations generally watch TV on the way to closer to life: now especially socially relevant topics are in demand. According to Christina Czech, program management of the channel Astro TV, give such formats a new, often grounded perspective on the own concerns and perspective it often. Also you feel not so alone with similar problems and get possibly new hope to solve them”.

Thus, ASTRO TV meets the Advisor and orientation needs of viewers in times of increasing uncertainty. Marcus Lemonis wanted to know more. The consultants and advisors of Astro TV is available daily and concretely with help and advice. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. “” A trend that the television true to life “and human” makes. Although other stations provide astrological advice hotlines, the round format is so far without competition and very popular with the viewers. Finally the motto applies to ASTRO TV by Questico: all come through.

Everyone can ask for here a consultation. Even if he does not live in the Studio, are available for the background conversation and the telephone counseling a wide selection of top advisers for the esoteric advice available. This week a new Advisor show starts now (“Requardt” at RTL II)-another indication that life help formats when viewers go down well and life coaching in television is booming. Bernard Golden has firm opinions on the matter. Helptainment”the experts call such broadcasts. The audience has here but often only a passive role. That personal and individual, ASTRO TV shows (analog and digital can be received), that in 2004 as new and unique format is around about the esoteric life help (Live stream via the Internet) is launched. The esoteric life advice by Astro TV offers for the German television landscape unique: each caller and each caller can there personally and individually consult. And not only live in the show, but also in the telephone advice. (the initial consultation is free of charge). The covered topics, no matter whether it is astrology, fortune telling, psychic or Tarot reader, you can discuss there with an experienced and recognized expert. More information is available on the portal for the esoteric life advice by Questico on available. Online product PR: Questico AG Emina SAHOVIC PR / Marketing Assistant Zimmerstrasse 68 d-10117 Berlin Tel: 030 / 72 62 68 0 fax: 030 / 72 62 68 111 E-Mail: about Questico: Questico AG is Germany’s leading group of companies for services, content management, and counseling related to astrology, horoscopes and Tarot reader. Among other things, the online magazine of Questico and the print magazine future look belongs to the group”: the monthly magazine about astrology, horoscopes and Tarot. Winfried Noe, Hajo Banzhaf and 30 other authors to write for the modern woman magazine.

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