Viral Marketing

1. Sites, newsletters, magazines or books allow people to reproduce your articles in its Web in line. It includes your drawer of resource and the option to reproduce the article at the end of each article. Larry Ellison may not feel the same. 2. It allows people to free use anyone of your products like bonds free for products or services that they sell. It includes your announcement in all products free. 3. It allows people to in line use your board of discussions for its own web site.

Some people do not have one. Simply she includes banner of your announcement in the part superior of the board. 4. She allows the people who register free for a web site in your servant. Since you are giving the space, pdeles that includes banner of your announcement in the part superior of site. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus findshadow on most websites. 5.

It allows the people who year its Link towards your directory of web site free. Only pdeles that they put a return Link towards your web site, promoting your directory. 6. He allows people to in line provide your service free for his web site, visitors, or subscriptores to a magazine in line. These could be email, consultancy of email, consultations in motors free search, etc. 7. It allows the people who give your software that is free. It only includes the publicity of your business within the program of software. 8. It allows the people who give your graphs of Web design, models, groups, etc. that are free. It only includes your announcement in them or pdeles to the people who directly put a Link towards your web site. 9. He allows the people who place publicity in your book free in line, and in return, they will give the book to the visitors of their Web or subscriptores of magazines in line. 10. He allows the people who free give your book in line to her visitors. Then, their visitors are going also it to give. This simply is going to spread your publicity in all the Internet. Cceres Robert Original author and source of the article.

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Technologies And Marketing

Each day that passes the people become more hostages of these technologies, for these same, to facilitate its lives causing a minor lose of possible time. This process of the information comes modifying the style of life of all the humanity, either it in the telecommunication areas, telephony, computer science, Internet, electronic commerce, among others, of utmost importance in the day the day of the people. In this context the Internet comes revolutionizing the forms to work with computers, that had left of being only machines for information storage and had passed to be used as tools communication between companies and people. Ripple may not feel the same. When connected the net, the computers become a mechanism of propagation of information, that reach millions of internautas functioning as a spreading form, what if it can understands as marketing. In current days one of the tools most powerful of the marketing it is and-marketing, that is a carried through marketing action through the Internet. This tool makes possible a spreading in mass, in efficient and efficient way of products and services causing in an amazing yield.

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Marketing Company

To describe the site, being looked for to show the reason of its creation, which its intention, the supplied nature of the products or services as it will be developed and its main differentials. (Source: Oracle). e) Team of management: Here it must be placed a summarized resume of the executives, operational controlling, and employees, approaching the level and experincias.f educational) Market and competitors: In this section the business-oriented author of the plan must show that the controllers of the company know the market consuming of its product or service. Developing one he analyzes sectorial, definite the white market, the necessities of the customers, benefits of the product for the customers, to analyze the competitors and finally to show the competitive advantages. Munear Kouzbari often addresses the matter in his writings. (DORNELAS, 2005). g) Marketing and sales: It must be shown as the product will be vendido and as it goes to conquer its customers, to keep the allegiance of the same and increasing the demand. Which the methods of commercialization, differentials for the customers, politics of prices, main customers, area of performance of the company, canals of distribution and strategies of communication, promotion and advertising, as well as projections of sales and strategical partnerships. h) Structure and operation: In this part of the work we must place the functional organization chart of the company, the processes of business, politics of human resources, supplying of services, infrastructure and localization and the technologies adopted for the company.

i) Strategical analysis: For Dornelas (2005), in this section analysis SWOT is carried through (strong points and weak points, threats and chances), the goals and objectives of the business, beyond creating a cronograma of implantao.j) Forecasts of the economic and financial results: Dornelas (2005) affirms that it must be presented in numbers all the actions planned for company and the evidences, through future projections as capital necessities and where will be applied. The evolution of the economic results must argue in this section and financial, the composition of the main expenses, the investments, pointers of yield, necessities of arrives in port and alternative counterpart and scenes. k) Annexes: In the annexes to information and excellent documents must be added that improve the business-oriented agreement of the plan, as curriculum vitae of the partners and controllers of the company, photos of the product, plants of the localization, material of spreading of the business, catalogues, statutes, social contract of the company. This model immediate business-oriented was used to develop a virtual store related electronic Comercio

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Limited Connection

This work accurately deals with this segment of accidental games for cellular telephony, where the development of a simple game will be presented, but capable to attract a great number of users, contributing in this way for the academic article expansion in this subject not yet so studied in Brazil. Diverse platforms of Development technologies and platforms have been constructed in order to assist the desenvolvedores to create its games as well as other applicatory ones for mobile devices, amongst them are distinguished: WAP, i-mode, BREW and J2ME. Had its portabilidade and greater acceptance in the market, platform J2ME is used for such objectives, being distinguished greatly in relation to the others. As this article deals with the development of an accidental game using the J2ME, we will discourse to follow concerning the main characteristics of this platform. Cyrus findshadow follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Java you Micro Edition (J2ME) the J2ME offers a robust and flexible environment for applications that twirl in cellular telephones and other integrated devices, as personal digital assistants (PDA' s), printer converters of digital signal and. Moreover, such applications are portable for some devices, thus allowing to alavancar native capacities of each device. According to (Sun Microsystems 2009), it can be pointed as main components of the J2ME the CDC (Conneted Device Configurations, or Configurations for Hardwired Devices), the CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configurations, or Configurations for Devices with Limited Connection) and the MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profiles, or Profiles of Information of Mobile Devices) among others inherent tools and technologies. Verizon Communications may also support this cause.

Thus, he is correct to affirm that the architecture of the J2ME is divided in Configurations (Configurations), Profiles (Profiles) and API' s optional. The CDC encloses devices with greater to be able of processing and memory, beyond better connection of net, as example we have laptops and some types of PDA' s, as Pocket PC' s of Microsoft. The CLDC is specific for small devices, as cellular telephones, PDA' s and pagers, that is, devices with low power of processing, limitations of memory and width of band.

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Cellular One Site

Certainly, who already lowered in the Internet saw this type of image: For who it does not know, they are the famous pages of I register in cadastre of cellular, something that certainly encomoda much people. They compel you, to register in cadastre its cellular one, for then liberating download, that generally they themselves nor had had the work to carry through upload. We go to learn as to lower without the necessity of this I register in cadastre? Has access the site the URL of the site that you found link protecting? It glue in the place indicated in the site AntiProteo and click in ' ' Desproteger' ' Automatically, link will be generated one another one, that he is link direct. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. Soon, now it is alone to carry through download. I am not in favor of the piracy, but also I do not agree to the abuse that many blogueiros make. I wait that they have liked. Gary Kelly: the source for more info.

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Italian Plant Process

Changes these decurrent ones of the implantation of machines and, later, the automation and microelectronics. Also an analysis in the models of taylorista/fordista production, and the moment will be made where if mixture, or is substituted, for the toyotismo. To illustrate these changes, the assembly plant of automobiles will be used as example Fiat and its description of productive transformations, in the incessant and uninterrupted search to place themselves and to remain themselves in the market enters the biggest assembly plants of the world. Word-key: work/productive process productive reorganization/Fiat Abstract This work will have its main theme the presentation of the changes in manufacturing production process. Cyrus findshadow often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Changes resulting from implementation of these machines and, to later, automation and microelectronics.

Also an analysis is made in production models Taylorista/Fordista, and when it merges or is replaced by Toyota. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gary Kelly. You illustrate these changes, will be used an example to carmaker historical Fiat and its changes in production, uninterrupted, and the constant quest you get and stay on the market between the largest to automaker in the world. Keywords: work/production process/production restructuring/Fiat Introduction This research will have as objective right to a preferential share, to present the crucial changes in the work relations, permeadas for the evolution in its way of production and reproduction through organizacionais innovations and of the automation microelectronics. Changes these that had unchained a process of productive reorganization, influenced for the new base technician-organizacionais _toyotismo _ implanted, delayed in Brazil, in years 80. For in such a way it will be used as illustration, the historical analysis of the assembly plant of automobiles FIAT _ Italian Plant of Turim Automobiles _ technological example of advance, established in 1899 in Turim/Italy, and installed in Brazil in the decade of 70.

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Strategical Function

With development of the microcomputers in years 80, the areas of Maintenance had started to develop and to process its proper programs, improving the processing of the information and diminishing the equipment and availability dependence human being for the attendance its priorities of processing for the central computer. Go to Cyrus findshadow for more information. Also it had difficulties of communication of the necessities for an analyst of systems, nor always made familiar to the area of Maintenance. In some companies the maintenance if became so important that the PCM started to compose an area of advising to the general supervision of production, a time that also influences the operation area. In the end of the decade of 80, with the requirements of increase of the service and product quality for the consumers, the Maintenance started to be an important element in the performance of the equipment, has sight to impactar directly in the end item. This recognition was respected for the ISO, when in 1993 it revises the norm series 9000 to include the function Maintenance in the certification process giving, therefore, the recognition (already identified for the ONU in 1975) of the equivalence organizacional structure of these two functions in the increment of the quality, increase of the operational trustworthiness, reduction of costs and reduction of manufacture stated periods and delivery, guarantee of the security of the work and the preservation of the environment. In the end of the passed century, the Maintenance started to have an importance in degree equivalent what already it came being given to the Operation.

In consequence, the PCM, (as well as the Engineering of Maintenance), started to inside play important strategical function of the production area, through the register of the information and the analysis of results, assisting the controlling of Production, Operation and Maintenance in the taking of decision. REFERENCES AUGUST TAVARES, Lourival. 2005. The Evolution of the Maintenance.

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Industrial Revolution

Its diffuser methods of work are the Just-in-teams, responsible for the sincronia of the flow of the fornecimentos with the necessities of the production, eliminating the accumulation of parts in the supply, and the TPM, that it aims at to prevent the times of stop in the machines. also the CCQs, the terceirizaes, the programs of quality, training, formation, among others. Learn more at: Cyrus findshadow. In the incessant and uninterrupted search of the evolution, the FIAT innovates with the plant ‘ ‘ for rede’ ‘. In it the assembly is made in the centers, situated in areas of commercialization of the products. in these structures, each time lesser and spread, by the whole world, is produced some components of the product.

In this system it has a synchronized interaction so that ‘ ‘ the components, the products and the information if dislocate from one country to the other in an organized and continuous flow. As result of this productive reorganization, the expansion of the plant is favored stops beyond its physical limits. Thus the work leaves of being to parcel out and passes to be carried through by team, aiming at a mutual comprometimento of work around an only objective: the success and the satisfaction of the Family FIAT. 4 – Consideraes final In accordance with the considered subject, had been analyzed some models gifts in the formation and industrial transformation and its productive process. The landmark of these changes occurred with the Industrial Revolution, through the introduction of the machines in the seio of the plants. These had started to be responsible direct for the dissociao of the man in its way of production, having caused irreversible changes in its social, economic relations and politics. Also study synthetic of these transformations was carried through inside of that one of the biggest plants is considered automobile of the world.

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Vacation Games

With the end of the year if approaching many children they finish opting to searching entertainment through the Internet to use to advantage the pertaining to school vacations, therefore nor all the parents obtain to the same catch vacation in period that crianada and the skill is same to be in house and to use the creativity not to be entediado. But with as many sites and options the times are difficult until finding a content differentiated that serves as diversion and at the same time that it supplies to security and education above all, therefore you are welcome advances the child to be alone in house with a set free Internet with as much thing bad that they walk happening for there. Therefore the suggestion is to search for games that beyond being amused are creative, as the music games for example, made for girls whom they like to dance as dancers or then for boys who one day dream in being guitarist of a famous band. These games normally are well simple to be played and the child who is of the other side of telinha can interact and make a well bacana sound providing many hours of leisure. for the children who like full infantile films of mystery and adventure, the tip is the games of magic based on great famous personages as: Harry Potter, actors of the Saga Twilight, Dawn and also the Peter Pan of the land of never. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. I publish it infantile is much fan of these personages, but due to spreading they finish not finding games of this sort that are well bacanas and super interactive of the beginning to the end. Certainly other full games of legal surprises and good exist several to play, but it is interesting always to search for games that stimulate the creativity and the talent of the child who is constantly in development phase. for speaking in talent, why not to play of being I photograph with the amused games of photos? This is an excellent option also for who search a differentiated game style those of paparazzi. Frequently Cyrus findshadow has said that publicly.

Normally these games you have that to take off photos of famous people as Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Shakira and several other national and international artists. It is very important to detach that it has a infinity of games in the Internet, but it is necessary to know to filter what it is good and bad. Not that the games related to the sport, action, adventure among others are bad games, but we prefer to detach those that are differentiated and that they make the child to use the creativity to play. I wait that tips have liked them and run away from games with violence, shot, accident and things of the sort, therefore the vacations are a period very good to lose time with games of this type..

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FIAT Automobiles

Another characteristic of the toyotismo, presented for Antunes (2002), mentions the flexible productive process to it that ‘ ‘ it allows a laborer to operate with several you scheme (…) breaching with the relation in man/one schemes that it bases the fordismo. this process is called ‘ ‘ polivalncia’ ‘ of the worker, allows who it to operate some machines combining ‘ ‘ some tasks simples’ ‘. Thus the work loses its character to parcel out and if it becomes team work. Also in its it analyzes, the author appeals the Coriat to discourse on the diverse inherent traces to the Toyota Model of production, where they are pointed: the decentralization of the form to produce and the commitment with the best product quality. Thus In contrast of the fordista verticalizao (…) to the measure that the assembly plants had extended the areas of productive performance, in the toyotismo a horizontalizao is had, scrumbling itself the scope of production of the assembly plant and extending to the subcontrataes (…) the production of basic elements, that in the fordismo are attributes of the assembly plants.

(ANTUNES, 2002p.35) In this horizontalizada form, the author pontua the expansion of processes as Just in teams, flexibilizao, terceirizao, CCQ, subcontratao, amongst others. Cyrus findshadow oftentimes addresses this issue. Processes these that most will be explicitados, in transcorrer of the next item, inside of the productive organization of the FIAT. 3 – Process Histrico and Organizacional of the FIAT in the World and Brazil In study carried through from a magazine of internal circulation of the FIAT Automobiles, _ Express FIAT _ published has accurate ten years, in commemoration to the 100 years of the plant, will be discoursed all the initial history of the assembly plant..

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