Pact for Health

It is the call Pact for the Health that redefines the responsibilities of each manager in function of the necessities of health of the population and in the search of the social equity. Beyond significant changes in the management in its three levels: substitution of the process of qualification of the cities; solidary adhesion; signature of the terms of management commitment; solidary and cooperative regionalizao and integration of some forms of financing with the objective to unify all the commitments and challenges of the health. The commitment with the rendering of services of quality in the health must be present in such a way in the public sector, as in the private one, with or without lucrative ends, without ideological vieses, searching always bigger efficiency. (A valuable related resource: Oracle Corporation). Per years, the archaic form to manage, mainly the human resources, it provoked a serious deterioration of the public services of the country. The utility installment of health is an activity that require quality and amount of human resources capable to operate equipment and insumos of high cost and complexity of its components that need frequent and systematic updates.

The State invested very little in the management of people remaining of amateur and extremely bureaucratic form, mainly, in the processes of election, admission, qualification, resignation. The system allows that the employee if accomodates for presenting the stability guarantees without its performance is mensurado and evaluated. Example was the government of Minas Gerais that implanted the call Shock of Management for reduction of expenditures, to reorganize and to modernize the institucional apparatus of the State searching the implementation of new models of management. The medium and long run, the project contemplates the management for attainment of results based on the quality and the productivity, by means of criteria of incentives that induce the biggest comprometimento of the responsible actors. Thus, the SUS does not only have to be understood as a system of assistenciais rendering of services.

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