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Database of the European packaging industry online it is so far: on the 8th of April the long awaited database of the European packaging industry went online with With detailed information on over 50,000 companies from all areas of the packaging industry in all 50 countries will world revolutionize the procurement and communications throughout the industry. The database has been worked on for two and a half years, to make them as comprehensive as any other. Consumers as well as producers can get in a matter of seconds desired information. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. The enormous level of detail, as well as multi-tiered search capabilities allow a very precise search according to specific packaging requirements. With mass E-mail write to all companies found in your search with a single message. Also in April, a three-volume directory of the European packaging industry with 6000 pages out, that contains information about all companies contained in the online database is also. In the industry this completely new service has aroused already much attention not only in Europe, but for users and producers of packaging worldwide”, so Tim Sykes, Operations Manager at packaging Europe. We are working to be able to meet global demand if we are also packaging companies from Asia and North and South America towards the end of the year in the data bank for information soon even better.”

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