Pablo Freire Formation

The all moment is possible to find pupils disappointed with lessons in the facultieses, says that the professor does not have commitment in conquering them, to make to like them what they are hearing, making to understand them the real reason of if studying that substance, fits to this professor to search perfectioning, qualification. You are welcome it serves, not to be to annoy educating the to demoralize the hypocritical speech of the educator, speech in democracy and freedom but to impose to educating the arrogant will of the master (FREIRE, 1996 pg.62). Before we concluiamos that professor detainer of knowledge, as professional soon and finished it more than did not need a continued formation, today however, already we understand that this same continued formation is pure and simplismente the commitment of a professional development to be transforming and multiplying agent of the theories, in way that the pupil can and feels capable to contribute for its proper knowledge, yes, only sees, Pablo Freire affirms that needs is one its permanent formation, the professor if it perceives and if it assumes, because professor, as researcher. However, the free pupil of the dictatorship of the professor has the possibility to interact, to take off its conclusions, to carry through great debates on of a theory where the professor and the pupil earn, therefore the pupil hears an agent who at least has more experience of cause of what it and with this adds new knowledge and values, the necessary professor to understand that pupil when displaying its investigations, many times you oppose of the proper professor, at this moment that can be made possible the espoxio great idea, transforming it into thesis, or can as professor dictator owner of the truth, to hinder any initiative of a possible pesuisador professional. This is the beauty of the research, how much it moves with the pupils, the professor, the methodology in general. .

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