Outdoor Advertising

In fact, the sign can be called any advertising product, which is hanging. The concept of the sign – the total that can be classified. It is through these types of signs are outdoor advertising cities. No signs can not be would be to find a particular store, office or government agency. The sign – is a powerful advertising on a daily basis thousands of eyes gaze directs passers-by. The most common types of signs are panel-mount, three-dimensional characters, non-illuminated plane plates, light box.

Through the use of advanced materials has become possible to produce very unusual and unusually beautiful advertising objects, signs and unusual shapes with the most bizarre types of highlights. When choosing a sign for his firm's main criterion is the location of the object of outdoor advertising. The height of attachment largely determines quality printed image. The main field of advertising signs of any light is the front surface of the translucent material (banner cloth, polycarbonate, acrylic glass, Satin, polystyrene). In Recently, a huge popular signs of an aluminum composite material (two layers of aluminum sheet, 1-3 mm. between which the sheet of PVC). Through the use of this material may be make seamless signage. This material is ideal for milling.

Looks particularly impressive inlay letters of organic glass in the front surface, thereby creating the effect of illumination kontrazhurnoy such letters. Also, special attention should be thin light panels that are widely used in indoor displays, exhibitions, galleries. The thickness of such panels from 5 mm.do 5 cm These signs will fit nearly any interior. Light panels akrilayt can be used as a luxury nameplates. Guided by the choice of signs, do not recommend this to save your budget because it is the face of your company. Also pleasing to the eye consumers will pay a sign as soon as possible. Always remember that the advertising – it is the motor trade.

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