Orsha Bank

These scam artists to obtain loans to purchase durable goods, did not want to fly with bulky refrigerators and washing machines, they wanted cash. But the bank transfers the money not to the borrower, and the retailer where the borrower is going to make a purchase. Therefore, with shopkeepers fraudsters agreed as follows: "We solve the bank problem of loan to buy your product, but when the money is forthcoming, we will not buy it, and take away the money. You leave 15% of the transferred sum, if you do not oppose such an operation and, moreover, give us an invoice that that we have already paid for your product the first installment. " Many stores in the Moscow region and Russian regions agreed to perform services for "cashing" credit of 15 percent. Is not always possible to find the fraudsters trusting people (people umneet!), which would agree on the role of "decoy ducks". Therefore, they use a fake (or lost citizens) passports.

"Lost citizens' passports are usually purchased from pickpockets, and if the owner suitable age, glued back your picture. Of course, checking documents, the security service bank can very easily get in touch with the real owner of the passport and thus to expose fraud. However, attackers hope to negligence of bank employees, and very often their calculation is correct. Episode 3 Somebody Oleg P. received loans under a false passport in the name of Alexander the Orsha. In this this time, Alexander Orshansky lived at home, whose address was clearly indicated in the passport, and in his apartment working telephone number, which could be recognized in the background of mgts.

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