Original Eaglider Eaglegroup

Langenau, 04.05.2010 interested test drivers test at the eagle-group in Langenau, the original of the Eagliders. Test pilots from young to old had quickly learned the handling of the Eagliders on the end of the test gel and could not have as opposed to the attempts by Pro siebens editors on the cheap copies after 20 minutes successful exercise. The best rider (a 13-year-old student) was rewarded with a free Eaglider. Eagle-group has secured the distribution rights for the original Eaglider for Germany and Austria and is – perform information management according to more promotions, where there are interesting profits and prices. The distribution should be online and on up to 1,500 sporting goods store, which match the handling can be shown and tested. Furthermore, it is planned to introduce the Eaglider also in schools and sports clubs in the context of promoting sport. According to reports on the Internet, driving the Eaglider encourages even the activity of the brain, making the driving and practice a Brain jogging to get right.

Eagle provides interested editors-group the Eaglider for free. Eagle provides on request-also appropriate group promoters, that like to show how to handle. The Eaglider is an innovative recreational device that is the optimum connection between stepper, skateboarding and snowboarding. It is manufactured by the company Humanic from Korea. There are international patents about the brand name, the design and the technologies.

In ride the EAGLIDER brought similar to the Huftschwungs snowboarding – rhythmic steppe or by moving the upper body. The EAGLIDER is equipped with a patented safety brake and brake automatically if the driver goes down or comes off. Thus, the EAGLIDER is a nimble, agile, modern and safe means of transport.

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