The present study has the objective to understand the vision of the employer in relation to the carrier of deficiency, inside of a context of social integration in companies of medium and great transport, with collection of data that leave of the responsible point of view of for the conscription and election of people with these characteristics. Five categories for description of results and analysis of content had been used: preconception; inclusion in the work market; communication/spreading of the law; legislation/opinion of the referring employer to the law; instruction x position. The Research was carried through with four employers, whom they possess in its picture of collaborators, carriers of deficiency, in the etria band enters the 20 35 years of both the sexos, residents of the city of So Paulo, proceeding in half-structuralized interviews that combine open and closed questions. It is observed that in this group we have the deficient professionals, with a description of social exclusion, that need to work and today they are a great one target of the market. In parallel employers who need to fulfill the law of quotas, but so that this occurs, they pass for great adaptations of environment, attitude and conscience. We conclude that both have a responsibility parcel so that the inclusion of the deficient one in the work market exists, the companies must be fit in the law and provide resources the deficient ones. the deficiency carriers must be intent to its rights.

all we as citizens must collaborate for the inclusion. The choice of this subject if gave for the fact of terms in our society a great number of carrying people of some type of deficiency. About 10% of the world-wide population if it fits in this statistics, according to information of the World-wide Organization of Health.

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