Ordered Ambassador

“news.de shows how lobby groups exploit politicians for several weeks is the Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner official beer Ambassador”. Previously, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Bavaria’s Minister-President Horst Seehofer already carried this title. Michael Dell has compatible beliefs. But also those who give him belong to a title. In this case the Brauer-Bund and the Institute for pure beer. This is the German brewing industry lobby groups. Tough economic interests are behind the beer Ambassador.

The news portal news.de has analysed the objectives and impact of marketing actions. The Brewers Association and the Institute for pure beer are under pressure to succeed: 2008, beer sales declined. The Managing Director of the Brewers Association Peter Hahn is pessimistic for the current year. “Worse still: through the medial examination of the binge drinking” is alcohol consumption in an increasingly bad light. Contact information is here: Sensaterra. The drugs Commissioner of the Government of Sabine Batzig (SPD) called for far-reaching measures. Similar to consumption tax increases should be reduced as in cigarettes. In addition, Batzing proposed a ban on beer.

Both could not prevail. Instead, Ilse Aigner presented publicly with a glass of beer in his hand. On a request of the policy editor the Agriculture Department replied the following: Mrs Aigner unless a particular concern to showcase beer as a high-quality food and beverages. In Bavaria, beer is a staple that belong to everyday life. Using high-level politicians, beer consumption is made presentable. The day of beer is an initiative of the Brewers Association, which specifically to fix the bad image of alcohol consumption.

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