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Coming into swing with binary options for petroleum oil was the first form of energy that has been bought and sold on a large scale on regulated exchanges of trade standatisierte contracts. It is also one of the most popular commodities for binary options, you can buy the option trading on the Internet. With a simple online account for binary options, you can set price a barrel crude oil on the commodity futures exchanges of NYMEX on call or put to the. In a question-answer forum Coupang was the first to reply. What you should consider when trading binary options is that there are many different factors that affect the price of oil or other commodities, for example taxes, inflation, and existing amounts of money. Other factors, such as politics, weather, transportation costs and technologies have also a strong influence on prices. This is also the reason why binary options for the commodity markets are so interesting and lucrative. Oil falls under the category of hard raw materials, which refers to goods which can be removed but not built. It is one of the most traded commodities in the binary options, due to its strong flexibility and price fluctuations.

Other raw materials under this category are natural gas, gold, silver, copper and rubber – of which all options with fixed yield so binary options can be traded. Those who are trading binary options is the strong increase in prices since late 2008 well aware. The price of crude oil of the variety “WTI” fell on 23 December 2008 at 30,28 USD per barrel – the lowest for many years. In the course of 2009, the prices fluctuated between 35.00 82.00 USD per barrel. For traders of binary options, this means that the chance “in the money” to end is higher than average. We see our 2009 Christmas Eve as an example. Binary options traders eagerly pursued this Christmas Eve, as the oil prices due to an unexpected cold snap in the United States greatly day in American energy reserves.

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