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“ProCom presents the IT platform for energy production and trade BoFiT 5 at E-world energy & water 2010 (Hall 3, stand 3-440) Aachen, December 14, 2009 on the occasion of the E-world energy & water” (Essen, 9-11.2.2010) the ProCom GmbH, Aachen, presents for the first time BoFiT 5. As a basis for the optimization and forecasting solutions of the consulting firm, BoFiT supports 5 business processes in energy trading and generation: the software allows to model a vivid image of even highly complex systems and trade portfolios including all dependencies, evaluated the individual options and provides the basis for informed decisions. The potential of the power plant scheduling, procurement and storage management are therefore visible and can optimally exploit themselves. Compared to previous versions, BoFiT improved 5 on three points: IT platform enables the uniform operation of all modules now, has a significantly higher performance in data management, and has over a integrated scenarios and model variant management. Customers can use the solution therefore efficiently to support other business processes and for extensive variant calculations, analyses and assessments. Clear and transparent modelling for BoFiT 5 redesigned the ModelBuilder to configure optimization tasks.

In the ModelBuider, the optimization model can be graphically: the user can now more easily add components and connections, copy and modify. The graphical structure of the optimization model can be broken down into as many stages through the use of containers. Also allows BoFiT 5, typical problems such as a specific type of power station or the illustration of Exchange product as a template to store and easy to reuse in other models. The editors for the different objects were designed similar, which significantly facilitates the operation. The simple and flexible variation of uncertain input data of an optimization problem is always models and scenarios more important, when it comes to determining possible deployment plan or management scenarios under current market conditions. BoFiT 5 effectively supports the creation, calculation and evaluation of multiple scenarios. Users get their options for action as quickly and as transparent an overview and can make transparent the degrees of freedom for the farming of the plant Park and procurement portfolio.

Prepared for the growing tasks of the energy market and the increasing amounts of data faster and more efficiently, BoFiT offers 5 now also significantly improved system response times, partly due to improving performance in the integrated management of time series. Solver of example CPLEX 12.1 of the latest generation and Gurobi also allow the parallel use of multiple CPUs. Results are therefore faster. As a 64-bit application, BoFiT 5 can use a larger amount of memory than previous versions and so extensive optimization tasks. -The images for this press release as well as the manuscript are in the Internet available. To download please call up the full text of the message at. “” “You find him, if you see news” in the search for customer “the term ProCom” select. -Press and public relations: ProCom GmbH Judith of Kiessner Luisenstrasse 41-52070 Aachen Tel. + 49 (0) 241 51804-129-fax + 49 (0) 241 51804-30 – press’n ‘ relations II GmbH Uwe of Tadeo Gunther road 19-80639 Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 179 992 77 – fax: + 49 (0) 89 179 992 89 – about Procom GmbH the ProCom GmbH delivers sophisticated solutions for planning tasks in the energy industry since 1995. In this time we have helping our customers successfully, BoFiT IT platform to make their business processes more transparent and more effectively and reliably to make the right decisions.

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