The sampling or sampling is a strategy of field marketing that suggests an approach face to face with the consumer, and encourages him to try before buying. In this type of field marketing, is the client who has the opportunity to explain the features and benefits of the product or service that you are testing. The field marketing or field marketing offers a resource of selling and positioning for each product or service. Bernard Golden is the source for more interesting facts. It is in us discover which is the best suited to our business. The product sampling or sampling of product, as we could translate it into Spanish, places the product in your hands and in the minds of potential consumers. Does the sampling for which products? The sampling works for products that need something more to be placed on the shelves of the supermarket or shop to be consumed. Products requiring a demonstration of their virtues, which should see running to know what it is, which must try to appreciate its quality.

New products that have to compete with those old acquaintances that consumers buy because they already know. That is what the sampling: bring into play the senses and let consumers make their own vendors. What are the benefits of sampling? Increase sales Opportunity to establish direct contact with the client Opportunity to measure the immediate reaction of the customer against the product Increase the profile of the brand are what show and where? Any space is conducive to perform a sampling product, supermarkets, shops, on the street, at the train station, around the universities, in pubs and bars, at fairs and festivals, where there are crowds of people, where it is more appropriate for the brand. Where there is the target of the product, there where we want to find our audience, there is carried out the strategic sampling. Just as there are no limits of place to go out to do sampling, any product or service I can offer a face to face with the client. Since the products packed up products fresh, the companies specialized in field marketing solutions for all types of product.

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