Opel Kadett

The rival for the Mercedes 220 and 220 SE was the Opel Admiral with a retail price of 12.200,-(which was cheaper 1550,-DM or DM 3250,-). Finally compared to the Mercedes, 300 SE the diplomat V8, with a retail price of 17.500,-DM clearly won the duel of the price. For this difference between Mercedes and the far cheaper Opel diplomat with its V8 engine, it had a new Opel Kadett or VW Beetle can buy. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “But in addition to the inner values, the strategists from Detroit put mainly on the American design, with the Opel wanted to regain market leadership in the 1950s Finally, with a young and modern automobile,” especially in the luxury version, the Admiral as synonymous with heavy luxury sedans “than big old name among discerning drivers needs to be still alive. In advertising, especially young, career-oriented people were addressed quite differently E.g. at Mercedes, which rather addressed to the well-known (at times statesmanlike) customers at this time.

Would the calculus of the american way of life”go on? Many chrome and excessive rear fins in Baroque tries forms ceaselessly leaned to the end. Already with the Opel record had been introduced a highly successful vehicle in the Middle, knew what to offer the competitors Ford with its 17 M Paroli. Even in the small car class, a powerful car dealers was beetle with the Cadet and his already 250,000 sold units as the Challenger of the VW. With the new KAD you sought after 1964 the successful range of vehicles up to complete but impressively increased elegance of appearance than discreetly,”. Journalists, stated in connection with a broad-based ad campaign starting on the 18.4.1964 the new styling also accomplished the task to bring much sheet metal and little chrome to a harmony is form donors? “The fittings of the diplomat are simplified so it want just the comfort car: nothing superfluous.” Fifty years after the question is out not sure answer this most American of all Opel comes whose spring.

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