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revvler, the new and innovative online marketplace starts with action weeks in the spring. The innovative online market place revvler starts eating spring action weeks, 12.04.2011 now revvler lets the curtain fall and is with the beginning of spring the launching pad for the spring – action weeks on revvler. With the beginning of spring, there is much new to discover on revvler. Especially the innovative revvler csv import is a new tool. With the revvler csv import tool launches revvler a Multiuploader of special, which easily allows members, quickly and easily to set automatically a variety of articles.

In addition to the modern Multiuploader is the launch of the revvler action weeks and so many actions. So, there is a special loyalty bonus and many more surprises, which to be discovered in the coming weeks and months on revvler. At the beginning, and already by the first registration, revvler makes equal all its members, but also new revvlern (members) with a single extra credit for the offer Gallery on the Home a very special welcome gift. With further action and surprises, it goes in the coming weeks, just continue on revvler. So it will be immediately credit packages and that already from 15. Because to Easter the right has revvler unique Easter packages laced and just for everyone. For those who first want to try at revvler, there is the starter package S and for all those the revvler have to get to know we prepared the basic package M.

More attention for articles and individual freedom allows the top seller package L and absolute maximum attention and the premium XL package with it brings opportunities. Registration is and will remain completely free on revvler and during the entire week of action not on the set and sell on revvler charges. Credit packages allow comfortably and at a preferential price to make any kind of payments, E.g. for additional options to members on revvler. revvler offers many additional options and features to highlight offers and so significantly increasing the incentive for potential buyers. E.g. headings can be highlighted with the additional options on revvler, subtitle elected the article for further explanation, be activated a special preview of the photo, as well as that place the offers on the home page under top products or directly with a large photo offer Gallery is possible and thus immediately for all visible. Activity and special loyalty will be rewarded during the entire action weeks on revvler with a unique and strictly limited to 50 pieces special. For all commercial members who opt for the credit package for L or XL, revvler maintains up to 2000 articles a completely free of charge. There more to the action weeks and other offers directly on revvler! revvler Marc Kornblum helmet str. 23 45359 food Tel: + 49 201 759 90 135 fax: + 49 201 759 90 137 email:

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