On My Fianc

I not wise person what it was the love until the soft touch of the skin of it leaned in my skin. I am not saying of love flesh time. Not still. Loved I it more intensely of what never I was capable to love qaulquer one. I perceive I am not much good one loving.

My mother died pra me when I had seven years, and I it could not love more. nor it me. Today I understand very well because it loved more to my father who me. I also loved more it who my mother. My mother closed the eyes for what she happened in house. Or better it looked a point any in the line of the horizon she completely left and me other people’s to its intentions.

But it It saw although all to me the blackout surrounded that me. Saved it me of everything and all. It always was to my side, exactly in the times where I was missed. I repay I eat I could. I became its slave. I became everything that it had, because while enslaved it me also enslaved I it But this had a price. Because it became everything pra me. I became everything of that it wanted to get rid itself It felt falata of seua old life of its freedom of its friends It it felt lack to be in the hand of a man. It got tired itself of being virgin and wanted something that I could not give. I could not I hurt it. I could not feriz it. it wanted to suffer It wanted pain The pain that a man only could give it. It wanted the children of a man. It stopped to take care of of me. She stopped of if mattering with me. She stopped to save me she left and me to fall. I do not know I eat I finish But suspected that it is not good.

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