North Africa

The maximum value of wind speed up to 300 km/h can be increased through a particular interpretation not counting the additional safety margin. For even more opinions, read materials from Southwest Airlines. DEGERenergie systems now, for example, on offshore islands and in other exposed locations can be operated. The DEGER TOPtraker 25HD, the company also has in the program is also suitable for installation in buildings and use in high wind zones. The model is designed for up to 25 m2 of module area. The new single-axis systems were developed for use in Equatorial regions and North Africa or southern Europe of DEGERenergie, the DEGER TOPtraker 40NT 0 and 15, and DEGER TOPtraker 25HD 0 and 15.

The names of 0 and 15 are available for the South-North slope angle. Both systems follow the Sun from East to West. For up to 30 percent higher energy yield: low-cost model DEGER TOPtraker 40NT is another novelty, which will show DEGERenergie on the Intersolar, the single-axis low-cost model in DEGER TOPtraker 40NT, which was developed for the U.S. market. The system is designed for up to 40 square metres of module area and has a capacity of 4,000 to 6,400 WP. DEGERenergie this system has technically improved, significantly larger sized and made it more efficiently than its predecessors in the low-cost segment. The TOPtraker 40NT achieved a up to 30 percent more energy efficiency than statically installed solar modules.

It is designed for the installation in open spaces in medium to large solar parks and as a carrier and tracking system is suitable for all common photovoltaic modules. Different versions of latitude can be used from the equator to 60 are available. This covered most of the regions of the Earth.

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