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Despite all the information “in the media, most people can answer always even these simple questions: what” is a stem cell? What is the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells? How can this be used for general health or treatment? And – much more important: what is the natural role of stem cells in the body? The science is so new that many doctors today do not know really what adult stem cells are, how they work and what is their real potential. Many doctors claim insisted that cells from the bone marrow can – not be impossible for cells of other tissues and organs to brain cells! If one responds that it can be show with dozens of scientifically reviewed studies published in respected academic journals, the answer, yes but not in Germany often. This is here not to be reduced to doctors, no it’s just that the science is so new. Today still are. Universities students represented the stem cells of the bone marrow as precursors of blood cells. Stem cells from the bone marrow can not heart cells and with Safety no brain cells. Basta. The first great discovery is that they can be to other cell types.

the second discovery is that they not only can do it, but to other cells, tissue are actually – quite naturally, every day of our lives. Like many scientific discoveries, significant breakthroughs are managed only after the development of a device or resource, it the world we are able to see differently. So the development has made flouriszierend designated protein (GFP), isolated from a deep-sea jellyfish, their discoveries with stem cells possible one as green. The significance of this discovery is so great that she was honored with the Nobel Prize in chemistry 2008. This protein, is literally a device”that allows us to track the movements of cells. The usage of this term green protein has exposed a hitherto invisible phenomenon. It has become possible to see how a stem cell, a liver cell, literally or is a heart cell or a pancreatic cell. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert Gibbins.

But this was only the first chapter in a fascinating story, which only has fully been revealed in recent years. The stem cells can be not only to the cells of other tissues, they do out of himself, as part of our body’s innate renewal system. In short, if a violation occurs somewhere in our body or a fabric not functioning properly, the affected tissue raises specific components (messengers), to generate the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. The affected tissue secretes speak SOS molecules that stimulate the release of stem cell. If the stem cells into the bloodstream come and wander through the capillaries of the affected tissues, an another neurotransmitter stimulates the stem cells and cause their migration through the capillary walls into the tissue. If the stem cells reach the tissue, they multiply and become cells of the tissue. This phenomenon is one after a heart attack, a broken leg, suffered a stroke, a skin wound… any violation Tissue instead, even in chronic degenerative processes that take place in the body for a long time.

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