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New portal for free press releases support also Google News just the Internet company Google announced that NewsPush is included in the Google News. Therefore, index is added within the next few days as a news source for Google News NewsPush. Who so will wants to make known his own messages in NewsPush, with this step Gets a now significantly more range and prominence than before. The inclusion of NewsPush in the index of Google news but is not the only message on the rapid and successful growth of the platform, probably as first the balancing act between a Web 2.0 social news project and a platform for free press releases has dared. NewsPush which grows in rapid form. Average 70 posts daily are currently published by almost 300 registered users and visitors – and so that reader numbers increase daily. A great success for NewsPush and all who post messages on it after only a brief online week! “…Today a press release publishes the do basically with the main objective to appear on other platforms as well as ordinary and everyday news messages in the context…NewsPush does that in contrast to other press portals in a train. The press release appears in addition to news and news from all over the world and all sections…I think that is fresh, modern and reading doing just as much fun as fiddling with a message…

“, commented Ronald B. Fleishman, CEO of Attack2net, Inc., the operator of NewsPush the success of the platform.” “…Also, the speed in which you can publish a message at NewsPush, is sensational…You need maximum 1 minute to bring online a new post…NewsPush requires no pointless and time consuming input… everything is simple, easy and fast… “, as Fleishman continue.” NewsPush was only a few days gone with great success as an innovative mix of press portal, social-bookmark aggregator, news platform and free news distribution service at the start. If you set a message at NewsPush, it will be distributed already seconds relevant Newsverteiler later automatically on all the most news platforms, Nofollowed, RSS directories and search engines. In this way, reaching an unbeatable spread of his message in the network, a top – ranking and many visitors for your original news source at incredible speed. Also, you have the ability to put a real, relevant search engine “follow link” on your original source of each message on NewsPush. More info:

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