New: ZipShot Tripod Mini From Tamrac

Compact and ultra-light opens by itself within seconds! A tripod, which is so compact and lightweight that you can have it always dreaming every photographer. The new ZipShot mini from Tamrac meets this request with flying colors, because is a tripod optimized especially for low weight and compact size, which reduces construction time significantly. It fits in every (photo) Pocket and is ready for use quickly using train rubber of connected leg segments. The integrated overhead a compact, DSLR or video camera and even a flash unit can be quickly fitted. There are countless situations in which you need a tripod to shoot good photos or videos to turn: A city tour, the lights of the big city backdrop at night, the rare birds at dawn, the sunset on the sea, a family photo…

Conventional tripods have some drawbacks: they are usually bulky and not easy to transport. And patience is needed, because it takes a certain amount of time to they build up for the first photo and bring into position. In this way, many good opportunities for great photos, where it’s up to speed and easy handling when using the tripod often escape photographers. The new ZipShot mini, as well as the famous and award-winning ZipShot, represent the clever and very effective solution for these challenges. The idea behind the ZipShot overreacted is ingeniously simple and effective: the two red straps are released with a short handle and the Tripod legs jump all by themselves in the ideal working height 71 cm the ZipShot mini or 112 cm the ZipShot.

Just place camera and already it is ready for the first photo. This is made possible by the use of thin aluminum legs that are connected on the inside with a rubber band. The ZipShot tripods are so ready. A high-quality panoramic tripod head is already integrated, so that also here no additional costs for the building must be operated and also any additional fees for the purchase apply.

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