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In our case, this may be the United Kingdom, New Zealand and other jurisdictions. Otherwise, income tax (income tax) must be paid immediately upon receipt of money. May seem interesting and scheme of the Estonian company in its statement on accounting for VAT (VAT). In this case VAT can be credited, and (or) a refund of tax paid in the case of imports of goods (services), if trade occurs within the EU. If the Estonian company buys goods in Russia or Ukraine, that is, not in the EU, the it is necessary to pay VAT at a rate of 18 percent. If you have read about Oracle already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This tax is an Estonian company in the standings. Learn more at this site: Facebook. In case of further supplies of the same goods to the EU, the Estonian company is not required to pass the customs procedures, and recipient of the goods back and pay him rastomazhivat VAT (VAT).

If the Estonian firm on the contrary, buys goods in the EU for its resale to the CIS countries, such an Estonian company will be refunded of VAT, but must comply with one condition – the goods must be physically delivered the customs territory of Estonia and in the future with the territory sold to the final buyer. Another way to use low-tax Estonia companies – issuing loans to residents of Ukraine or Russia. Between Estonia and these countries signed agreements on avoiding double taxation, which allow you to minimize payment of interest on nalogoobozhenie of the loan. The same can be said for the payment of dividends to the shareholder of the Estonian company. Disadvantages – high taxes in an Estonian company in the distribution of dividends, which is 26/74. Sophisticated reporting, the need to be consolidated balance sheet at an Estonian company, or merge the data of financial reports by participation in the profit (or loss). Since Estonia has not entered into any known so-called world black list, the Estonian company is one of the best tools to use in modern tax structures. For more information, please contact us

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