New Labor Group

All of us at least once arranged for a new job, came to the new labor group. Everyone probably remembers how it was scary the first time to meet with colleagues. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Anderson . Fear was not aware, we are not able to reply to myself: 'What I am afraid? " Think about the time a person took on the job, so it fits onto position, so he liked the management. However, always worried about the question: 'All of a sudden will not accept collective?', 'How do I look, suddenly does not like me?' 'I can cope with the responsibilities?', 'Can be followed to dress differently? " And every time we went, and got acquainted with new work, and with a new team and, of course, with new leadership. But the fear of conflict remained.

How could painlessly join the new team? How to find a solution to the conflict if it is already overdue? Eyes 'brand new' Here are a few stories in which many things in common: a long time looking for work. Finally, we found, as she was, the same But I do not accept. Ignoring, yelling, trying to put the blame on me, their work does not help when asking questions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Morris Invest. Complain about my leadership, expose me guilty, in case of failure of the plan. I survived the head. I snapped back to his attacks, because can no longer tolerate. And they start from the beginning, I started to work. He did not even let me go to the hospital.

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