New Corset Line For AWACS Collection

AWACS-collection is high quality corsets at low prices since the year 2000 with their e-commerce in the fashion industry worked. The extensive product range was constantly with high heels, vinyl clothing and extravagant pantyhose models. With the corset line Premiumkorsett fashionable full breast corset, which await you with a very high-quality and expensive processing, to come. This designer corsets were designed by Aimee Jacques. In 2005, the British designer was the best graduate of the class of corset in the Monfort University England. The perfect design, elaborate design and high-quality workmanship make these models an elegant corset, that is not only as lingerie, but rather than seductive evening attire to wear. Sixteen sequences are sewn together in four layers of fabric, to perfectly model the body.

The locking hooks withstand even extreme lace, so that the shaping of a WSP waist type represents no problem with this corset -. The processed elastic braided stainless steel springs allow your sleep comfort. The wide hip modeling reinforced the hourglass silhouette. The Premiumkorsetts can be selected from five models. Patterns are just as possible as a playful Mary Poppins plain black or black striped red. A gold-colored corset in noble Brocade optics rounds off this series. With these corsets, an evening at the theatre or a candle light is dinner in an exquisite restaurant an experience that you never will forget. You will find such a high quality at a low price with any other provider. These models are a successful asset to lovers of the corset. Look in our online shop and see for yourself.

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