New Concepts For The Elderly

Care 2020 identified customer profiles and future demands on the busy people looking for a flexible and individualized to your needs offering that offers security and allows the participation in the social life in the age. In addition to the individual care needs, the lifestyle of future customers plays a crucial role for the demand. The resulting very different interests and requirements of the living environment, services and products. This applies to identify strategic developments in the sector of care for the elderly. Against this background, the Fraunhofer IAO explored together with numerous partners from the sector of care for the elderly in the joint research project 2020 care already since 2006 key developments and their influence on the care for the elderly.

“The focus of the fourth phase of the research by care 2020 customer profiles that take into account the current situation also the individual lifestyles are among others. Findings from the form the basis for the development of customer profiles Life style research and the studies carried out by the project team in the previous research phases. The customer profiles in a so called Kundenprofilkonfigurator transferred; It is a tool for the analysis of potential customer types and the corresponding services and products. This tool is available for market analysis and as Assessmentinstrument for the individual analysis and consultancy. In the face of the growing skills shortages is the second focus care 2020 on the nursing staff. In the foreground is the question of who will assume the tasks in the future and what current and future work, activity and competence requirements imposed on the workers. On the basis of the models developed in the previous phases of the research, the project partners will jointly select an implementation project and realized in practice. More info ua/756.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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