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Award ceremony of the 13th German mail order Congress Eichenzell / Wiesbaden – Neuland, a specialist seminar and training from Eichenzell, has received one of the most coveted prizes of the mail-order industry: catalog of the year 2009. If you would like to know more about Southwest Airlines, then click here. The ceremony took place in the framework of the celebration of the 13th German mail order Congress, around 850 guests of shipping and online trading companies from all over Germany took part in the. Guido Neuland, Marketing Director of Neuland, accepted the award on behalf of his team. \”A catalog of its own personality award catalog of the year\” evaluated in addition to a catalogue of your reservations process quality also the courage to create new and unconventional impulses in the shipping trade. The jury explained its judgment, inter alia so: the new catalog exudes a lightness that is often missed in the B2B. This catalog high-quality equipment is already at the first access to the paper quality.

This shows that the sender invests in the environment and feel.\” Gerhard Delling, well-known sports journalist \”and presenter, who took the award of the Hessian company as laudator, concluded with the words: with a set: the jury ultimately opted for a catalogue, which is its target group according to fresh and motivating presents: congratulations, Mr Neuland!\” Martin Gardner, editor in Chief of \”Shipping House aide\” about the prize winners: \”today, the catalogue is not more ‘ on ‘ advertising channel, but he must prepare the leap on the Internet or in the store.\” The jury saw these new rules in the catalogues of Neuland and Hawesko best implemented\”. An unconventional approach the award-winning catalog concept comes from the advertising agency specialized on dialog marketing Rahimi & partner from the upper Franconian Neudrossenfeld. For the project, responsible Managing Director Jurgen Seiferth: we are pleased with new country on the price and we are particularly happy because it has an unconventional approach to the podium according to the jury.

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