Network Marketing

Profession #1 which is doing that people are changing the world during this economic crisis is the Network Marketing, and that you are doing in records numbers. In the United States only about than 175,000 people each week are joining the industry and are responsible for more than $30 billion in sales a year. Around the world the number is even more amazing in countries such as Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, India, Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia and many more, contributing with other $84 billion in sales a year. During the past 60 years the industry of Network Marketing has gone through different stages of evolution. Details can be found by clicking Oracle or emailing the administrator. The first stage was the scepticism which was then followed by legal challenges claiming that franchising and multilevel companies were illegal. After being officially recognized as a legitimate business model after going through several judicial proceedings (the most notable case was the) Amway in 1975). Multilevel companies began to emerge and grow between the end of the 1970s to the 1980s.

Then began an intense competition between different companies, which led to the creation of numerous new payment MLM plans (single level, array, binary) which still in use today. The last stage of evolution within the industry is truly a leap in paradigm and about 65% (expected to rise above 90% for year 2012), online sellers have already embraced it and they are permanently changing its business strategy accordingly. This change in the paradigm in the industry has occurred because of the well recognized business philosophy called multiple streams of income. This business philosophy had been crystallized in the minds of entrepreneurs in business from home over the last 7 years and by notable authors such as Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Robert Allen. Because of this new philosophy of business is now common see the majority of online sellers become actively involved in three or more multilevel companies without competition among them simultaneously (e.g.: travel, nutrition, care of the skin, energy, etc.). They have already gone the days of vision of a tunnel of income or the faithful conduct follow only the guidelines of a company. It is more than clear that online sellers have come to understand that there is no reason for them to be restricted only to a source of income and the products of a company in a world driven by internet and full of so many competitive products.

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