Network Marketing

Before we start talking about network marketing 2.0, let us remember what a "normal" marketing.Setevoy Network Marketing – a way to retail sales through direct sales, in which a person has become a distributor the company gets part of the remuneration of other distributors, where he attracted the distribution concept of Network Marketing 2.0 "was introduced into use quite recently – about a year or two ago. Formal definition of this concept does not exist, but all are its essence can be identified clearly enough Well, Network Marketing 2.0 – is the promotion of goods and their brand online. Products may be both its (mostly – books, movies, webinars and etc.), and a third party – as in a normal network marketing. An important component of Network Marketing 2.0 is to promote its own brand. The purpose of this action – to make his name recognizable among the relevant audience. Intense debate raises the question of the possibility of classifying network marketing 2.0 as a full-fledged system of mlm business, or just as a tool of the traditional network business. I am a supporter of the second approach – network marketig 2.0 – is a tool of the traditional network business.

The fact that this are at least true – does not cause anybody problems. But maybe it's more than just a tool? I will show that it is not. Basis Network marketiga 2.0 – this is your site or blog. Its main function – is to find an interested person in mlm, to follow his / her registration for you. But the business made sense, should be selling the goods. Not such as electronic workshops of dubious quality.

And most of this – cosmetics, household chemicals, nutritional supplements, etc. And it is this indicates that the network marketig 2.0 – a tool. Because it is not sufficient. It there is no real good! What do you think about this?

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