Neckermann Reisen

The double-opt-in “goes a step further. Here is the order unlocked only when the receiver has called an individual activation link in its Internet browser. Travel agencies operate very misinformed on this point. 48.5 percent use none of the two opt-in procedure. These are only 20.6 percent of broadcasters. Unpleasant but: 14.3 percent of tour operators may announce an opt-in message, not send it then but. An Organizer from Thuringia, Germany sent an E-Mail with the text Hello Gerda, 2nd test of the newsletter even instead of the announced opt-in message. Regards, Ute”.

Professional E-Mail Marketing is truly different. Are travel deals the most popular as is made palatable the subscription Web page visitors? Travel agencies and tour operators put both on the price consciousness of users. Susan G. Swenson addresses the importance of the matter here. Current offers are therefore the most popular topic. As the daily newspaper or weekly news magazine a certain belongs also in the email marketing Regularity to the promise of performance. A large part of the travel providers would not commit himself on this point but and rather communicate in any rhythm. Are promised a fixed regularity, the travel provider with this obligation but not very accurate take it. The newsletters with firm rotation only 33.4 percent shipped at the travel agencies on time.

The tour operators create a rate of 43.3 percent. Especially carefully work the major providers. Send all time alltours and the TUI. In legal gray area when querying personal data to the newsletter, travel agencies put data query almost on an equal footing on two different philosophies. 33.3 per cent collect only the email address. So, the threshold for the registration remains particularly low. 45.5 percent require users to enter personal data such as the name, for example. The travel provider can appeal personally and individually the receiver as a result. Operators use this option more frequently (60,4 Percent). Seems to be set no limit the bandwidth of the data query. Some travel companies even ask about dates of birth or the mobile number. The legislator has stipulated that only data which are directly necessary for the sending of the newsletter, may also be levied”, explains Ingo Porstmann, owner of the Agency travel Phon. As already in the opt-in some tour operators bring thus again in a privacy zones. Summer holidays at bargain prices”instead of Newsletter No. 05″ written consent of the receiver and regular shipping are two important aspects that characterize a professional email newsletter. In addition, an attractive design, an appealing subject and time of dispatch contribute to the success of E-mailings. Successful travel companies use therefore photos and graphics that make appetite for travel, instead of long texts. The subject line can be used to generate interest. “An email titled summer holidays at bargain prices” (Neckermann Reisen) is for example better read as a newsletter no. 05 “(recent). Best delivery time is noon at least in exact analysis of the large tour operators. oger preferred 14:00 and FTI sends for example around 11:00, l’tur at 12:30. Less happily, some special operators choose the time for their newsletter. Sends a provider for sports trips for example always evening at 23:00 and a special tour operator from Munich even at 02:00 in the morning. Who should then read the messages? “, asks Ingo Porstmann, initiated the study. For more fancy holiday tour operators must significantly improve their E-Mail Marketing.”

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