A partial solution to this problem is to reduce the assembly operations. In the case of the barriers such as brand OZDS M-3, which are technically ready component systems that do not require additional clearing operations and Termination of the center conductor terminal block, barrier installation is greatly simplified. Enough to fix the barrier on the surface and hold in the preset terminal block end of the high wire. In this case, there is a reduction in assembly time and reduce errors installers. In addition, the barrier Brand OZDS M-3 has improved, compared with similar products, performance.

The compact design and high quality materials used in the manufacture of the barrier, can achieve High resistance to external mechanical influences. Given the twists and the thickness of the profile basics adhesive layer over the surface elevation of the barrier, where it is secured does not exceed 10 mm, which significantly increases resistance breakout force and other possible mechanical damage during regular use. The third error is common in surveys of installed systems OZDS – this is the wrong cable connections to BPI and the STB. Switching power cables must be carried out in strict order. Violation of polarity leads to the exit of the base unit BPI down. Jointly mounted terminal blocks for Switching power supply cables and BPI STB increases the probability of error installer. By long-distance cabling is not possible to pre-Splicing cable connector that eliminates false connection.

Therefore, switching power cables requires special attention from installers. To improve the installation of hardware and software complex "OZDS-M" uses separate terminal blocks Food and Nutrition BPI STB. Connection block and enhance the barrier is recommended to perform with a special high-voltage cables, such as brand PVMt-40, provides the necessary degree of protection against high breakdown. Damage to the high-voltage cable, even partial, for example a cut, is unacceptable, because creates the conditions for leakage of electrical charge. The ends of the high-voltage cable PVMt-40 are stripped off the insulation just enough to ensure good contact with terminals. Availability of land bare wire between the insulation and the terminal plate is unacceptable. The desire of some installation companies to save on the replacement of specialized high Cable cheaper brands of general purpose cable for the customer turns the entire system malfunction OZDS as a whole. Our organization has a long history of maintenance and repair systems OZDS, including including equipment Issa-OCHRE, design and installation of security and protective rodent systems. You can contact us for any advice on working OZDS. Our experts will pay attention to you and offer optimal solution for you. Please also your attention, we can offer you a full service design, delivery and installation, maintenance and repair of equipment OZDS and performance on any stage separately.

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