Near Moles

At other times, you must use a sun cream with a filter – the preference should be given to proven cosmetic line. But the sun should be moderate! Remember that a tan is generally able to provide mutagenic effect on the skin, and sunscreen is 100% saved from this disaster can not. Another mistake made by many – stick to the patch birthmark or something else that supposedly should keep the mole from ultraviolet rays. This is wrong: a label created by the greenhouse effect, and this infection and ulceration of the provocateur moles. So in the summer for people with skin tumors is better to spend time in the shade to rest under an awning or shade trees. And if so want to fry in the sun, the best choice of clothing, as it may seem strange to you – cotton trousers and shirt, the sleeves of which must be as long as possible. Such clothing is a good protection against ultraviolet rays. If you have a mole on his face, then cream with sun filter you use it is desirable not only in summer but at other times of the year – is to some degree will help protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

In general, anyone who has a birthmark, to 1 every 6-8 months to conduct their samoosmotr moles. In a study of those body parts that are not visible to us, you can help family or friends. Should be especially careful to people whose relatives suffered from malignant melanoma, sun lovers, are exposed annually to a sunburn, the owners of a large number of moles and tumors of considerable size (the larger the size of a birthmark, the higher the likelihood that it will turn into melanoma). At the same time a mole, that we have from birth, usually less dangerous than those that appeared later in life. Most moles are harmless – flat, they are not injured and did not cause us discomfort, but they also need to be protected from the sun. On examination, tumors should alert you to the following factors: 1. mole has changed color. The process works differently: The pigmentation may increase or Conversely, decrease, or appear on the mole-colored blotches – all this is often said that a mole is not all right, 2.

mole has changed its appearance: it appeared scales, it is peeling, bleeding, and 3. edge changed moles, it emerged teeth, bumps, growths, 4. mole increased in size, from a plane into a convex, has become more dense, 5. mole has become asymmetric. "A normal mole" is symmetric: axis drawn through it, dividing the mole into two equal parts. If parts are not equal – this may be evidence of reincarnation birthmarks. In all such cases, you should immediately seek medical attention. Removal of moles Not all pigmented education, and must be removed. Many of them are subject to follow-up. However, if a mole is a problem, is in place a permanent trauma or her place "bad change "- it should be addressed. Independently to remove moles is strictly prohibited! Before surgery required to consult and be examined by a doctor or oncologist onkodermatologa. The preferred method of removing moles is a laser destruction. The procedure gives good cosmetic effect, reduces the maximum blood loss, prevents possible metastasis moles, allows you to save material for histological examination. The laser also removes dark spots. After the procedure, the client is issued a reminder of how to treat skin at the site in the near future time.

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