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All my will was focused on how to save them, but I knew that we drown, there was no hope the girl disappeared under the water first, I took my son, he looked me in the eye, then the sea and his visor. Despair, incredible pain, I only die when my lungs began to fill with water, I felt a sharp pain in my chest and woke up. “This is a memory-room had a distinct clarity and emotional content that I did not could recover, the pain of loss has fallen upon me. Once I lost my children. I understand what my problems were related to this reality for children.

Why this concern, a desire to help, to protect. This is my the main weak spot, which is formed by dialogue, not even built in this world: “Children should not cry, do not have to suffer, not to die ” However, awareness of this point does not solve the problem, I still feel the pain loss. I grieve for those children who never knew in this life. Another similar incident happened quite unexpectedly when I was walking down the street. “Sudden dizziness, I closed my eyes, and when opened, felt that I have someone hold his hand. It was a man.

Intense heat from his subjects as if melted. My emotional state can be described as apathy. I’m in the market square, directly on the ground sit poorly dressed men, immediately are baskets of food. The man, who was next to make a sudden movement, I have their throats cut, the blood fills the chest, I see how it flows down to my black hair and a gold necklace of coins. ” Both cases are distinguished by their total immersion, the world ceased to exist for me as if I had the strongest dissatsiotiv. Disappeared, my personal history, my goals, there was only one time.

I remember everything, I know how death looms, and I know I can go farther back in their lifetimes, up until the time will not disappear. At the time of such realize that your “I” – it’s just a dream, an endless series of reflections of the divine countenance. We will fix itself in the world at aid memory and personal experience. Inner world of man surpasses his sanity, but the ego in its quest to establish itself, poisons internal universe rationalism and unambiguously. When we recognize that we are unknown, let go of his awareness as a sail, it will throw us into a place where we come from. All living beings have an instinct at home. The fact that we in this world, the captives have been known since ancient times. Gnostics considered themselves not belonging to this world as a result of an irresistible craving for the liberation, which dominates the people. Although we live in this world, we did not belong. Depending on the degree of awareness man, he perceives this attraction differently, might interpret it as an attempt to meet the physical needs, ambitions ambitions, a thirst for knowledge. However, in reality there is only one desire, longing for freedom. In the words of Don Juan – we Navigation infinity. And if a man once told me: “I can not die, not here, not now, never “, then he finally found a way to steadily follow on that, one day he will come to a place where all souls come References: 1.Mircha Eliade “Aspects of the myth” 2. Philip K. Dick, “Cosmogony and Cosmology 3. es Stulova “Daoist practices to achieve immortality Banshee Dan 2009.

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