Natural Resources

Central Zone is copper, lead and limestone that are used for making cement. In the town of Quintero (Valparaiso Region) is located in the smelter and refinery Windows. There is production of copper, silver and gold, in the field of metal-and calcium carbonate, gypsum and limestone, among non-metallic. However, the mining industry is concentrated mainly in copper. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ron O’Hanley. Thus, the El Teniente underground mine in the Region of Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins, one of the largest in the country. In the Region Biobio, the mining sector particularly stresses coal production, causing there almost all coal-consuming country. Also extracted quartz, garnet and clays, which are intended for the manufacture of glass and earthenware.
Agriculture: main crops are cereals such as wheat, maize and pulses, fruits, the production of apples, grapes, pears, almonds, plums and peaches, and vegetables-lettuce, cucumber , pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.. Located in the central regions to the south, agriculture produces rice, wheat, legumes and potatoes, and beets as well as raps. The fruit sector is favored by soil conditions and climate. Apples, pears, grapes and cherries are grown for export. Importantly, the vineyards are an important resource in the area and the production of wine is one of the most important national level.
Forestry: In this area, consists preferably processed in the pine pulp mill located in the city of Constitucion (Maule Region).
Livestock: pigs, cattle and sheep ranching comprise mostly the mass, while poultry production is also important. In the regions of Maule and Biobio the production of cattle, sheep and pigs allows for dairy farms and slaughter plants. In the field of agriculture, the productive capacity of the Central Zone in this area, has stimulated an active agricultural industry, dedicated to food processing, dairy, canned goods and milling among others.

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