Nan Quan (Southern Boxing Martial Arts )

According to historical records of the Wu-Shu, in the Song Dynasty had normal empty hand forms, but in the Ming Dynasty, shadow boxing branched into two schools: the external and internal, the first emphasizes another attack and defense. Over time and after a geographical classification established by the River Chang – Jiang (Yangtze) as defined boundary with the school names North and South. This style is very distinct and individual characteristics, with occasional practitioner of a cry to accentuate the force. The Nan Quan (shadow boxing south) as it is also called, is very popular in all areas of the south overlooking the Yangtze River, especially in the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi, etc. Learn more about this with Larry Ellison. . However, its great development in these areas is varied and each one has its own schools and styles. For example, Fujian province is from: Hung s, Wuzu Liua s, etc.

The provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, as Hung Liu, Chai, Li, Hakka, Buddha, etc.. Zechian has different schools with varied styles and different between them. But the difference between these schools is not great, either in movement, movement or way of moving, because in reality, they all have common characteristics. As we have seen, this boxing has many different styles and each area its own. Usually we say that there are two fundamental schools where they can be grouped southern styles, with the following characteristics in common: one, gets back lengthening chest, shoulders down and dropping. Meter slightly bending the pelvis (as in the whole practice of Nan Quan contracting the abdomen is needed to retain power). Leave fallen elbows and arms folded, when you throw a fist foot moves forward with his body half bent, feet movements are fast, strong and coordinated with the body. At the other: the removal of the chest, dropped waist, abdomen and gets hips while we got out of everything in position.

When practiced in this style is needed to keep the body upright, feet stable and clear movements. Before you run the force or (Chi) is dropped waist and trunk slightly flexed at the same time when turned one foot and twist your waist is running hard. This occurs through the back and arm the face of the fist, using the waist and legs transmitted to throw his fist in a violent force. The work of the feet is firm and stable, and the body stays vertical. Regularly every system in the south was designed to maintain a trend in the type of people who were mostly short girls so this style of Kung Fu worked hard on the small circles and short confrontation because of its very particular region, differently to different styles of the north who were taller people so boxing was identified as long and as practitioners of the southern short-boxing each region certainly handled it according to their adaptability in the martial arts.

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