Music Converter

To start, you need this program Alci s saat gui FrontEnd 1.0 saat visual 100 dbpoweramp – a program for changing the bitrate and similar manipulations with sound, it is necessary that the sound is not distorted in the game using Alci s saat gui FrontEnd 1.0 razarhiviruem archive, where you need to replace sound, such as sfxgenrl, (Given that we can find any within a directory so fileset working directory) Next, look for the description of the sound files that can be interesting and replaced. feet – the sound of footsteps on different surfaces genrl – small noises, gunshots, alarms, explosions and so forth PAIN_A – sounds that are issued when someone beat you or beat, that is, cough, shortness of breath etc script – sounds that are played in commercials and missions SPC_EA – a group of people sounds SPC_FA – a group of people sounds SPC_GA – a group of people sounds SPC_NA – a group of people sounds SPC_PA – the group sounds people For example, you need to replace the voice of a character, first of all find the sound that we want to replace, the second thing we look at what a standard audio bitreit for this on the table at the site is in the archive which it is located and in what way called bank'e (folder) Next, go to the folder with the uncompressed sound and look for it, finding rmb click on properties. Since you have installed dBpoweramp, you extra window: From it we learn what bitreit a given sound Other settings: lenght – the length of the channels – channels of sample rate – sample size – bit Bit rate – actually bitreit Encoder setting – codec exportation (some data can be found in reference to the description of sfx archive) All necessary adjustments, we have now run the program dBpoweramp Music Converter. .

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