Music Business Manager

Training in the music business as possible online June 2012 of course music business manager /-in the ebam Academy offers the best way to acquire the relevant to all parts of the professional music business knowledge in a concentrated form. “The principle from practice for practice” experienced speakers from different areas of the music business provide an expertise that can be acquired through years of work in practice hardly on a comparable scale. Graduates of the training work in prestigious positions at labels, music publishers, artist or concert agencies and various companies of the music business. Online lessons – from the comfort of your home or Office from now this course is also offered as an online course. The classes are held live in the virtual classroom. Easy access from home or from the Office, without check or even external overnight. Contact information is here: Ron O’Hanley. You can now also interested to participate in this course if they do not live near one of our locations or not Have the ability to travel. It is only the installation of a browser plug-ins required.

A headset is required, a webcam is recommended by us. How can one imagine now an online course? Not much different than a presence course: A speaker leads as a moderator through the course material. Using a whiteboard, comparable to a Board or a flip chart or on the basis of PDF, Word or Excel document, or a PowerPoint presentation, presented as a beamer or a projector in the classroom. Participants can ask questions, give hand signals or other characters, just as it is possible in a classroom. A chat feature also allows also specific personal questions to the presenters or participants, without knowledge of the other participants if necessary. In contrast to the classroom, online classes on demand can also easily be recorded and reproduced later as a stream without effort. An online course is no compromise solution with Dar constraints, but provides variety of knowledge available, which sometimes go beyond the possibilities of presence teaching.

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