MSN Supermarkets

One of the main factors that will contribute to success or failure for the introduction of your product to supermarkets is the differentiation from competition in the same category. If you would like to achieve such differentiation without researching the market and the consumer? It is very difficult for a company to achieve a positioning your brand without first researching the market and above all to the end consumer, trends, cultural aspects, motivations for shopping are some of the aspects that we need to know before you design your brands and labels. Such research should be in the U.S., and properly in supermarkets that is and where to go to get your product. Ask, analyze, observe the behavior with respect to your category of products is key to minimizing risks, likewise research competition, as it is doing, such as packaging, labels, in which weight they packaged products, it is a key information for the development and positioning of your brand. Where you can do this research: research should be qualitative and cuantitavamente, quantitative research is that which is collected and analysed data from amount on variables such as sales, % of utility, rotation in the gondola of the product. Qualitative research, is that which is done through techniques such as observation, and interviews to potential buyers or consumers among others. The research must be in supermarkets and also on the Internet on websites such as and two of the biggest portals of sales of products that can generate US trends of acceptance by consumers of a product. You can also investigate in search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, by placing the name of your product in English, then a targeted search.

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