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The fear of the Shitstorm, an avalanche of negative online comments, bypasses. Yes, such talk on the Web can inflict enormous damage companies. But digital word of mouth keeps opportunities of lots of if we mean to use them actively. This article shows how to do it. Brad Garlinghouse has firm opinions on the matter. For really good providers, digital word of mouth is a huge opportunity.

If however, I discuss with entrepreneurs about, it turns out: the fear of negative word of mouth on the Web is infinitely great. And when I ask my audience to lectures, then the majority believes that overall negative word of mouth far outweighs. But this is wrong! The widespread belief that people only take time to post, if you want to get rid of a negative experience outweighs positive word of mouth, is just not true! “, says Steve Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor travel review portal. The vast majority of the over 20 million opinions we have received is positive.” A Nielsen study in 2010 shows that only 33 percent of all Europeans tend to report more negative product experiences on the Web. The global average is incidentally, 41 percent. The first coming”, as communications consultant Michael Domsalla, always the good ones are.

Because only those who love you, invest time to share that with others.” Asked after the last word of mouth, passed to them by other users 89 percent recall positive reports from her district, only 7 percent of negative. This resulted in a study involving 30,000 participants, has carried the Trnd AG in 2010 together with the ESCP Europe business school. “Consumers are interested in good news and like to disclose,” study leader Martin Oetting sums up. From the best side show why that is so? The Web has – see much to like on a real village square – and be seen to do. Because you want to show at its best.

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