Mounted Rails

And even if this is the most traditional way of the table extension and such models are also the cheapest tables, there is a significant disadvantage: the external plates must be stored somewhere, where they are always at hand, but nevertheless does not stand in the way and might be scratched. Who this storage space in his apartment is not spare has, must nevertheless not a practical extending renounce. Finally there are models where the leaves on the inside of the table are kept. Such as those involving a kind of drawer from the sides of the table can be pulled. Here the extension panels are then, in most cases on the extended drawer”are attached, or, were mounted to the better grip directly with her. Who needs tend to be less length, decides then for a single pull-out drawer with extension Panel, or, at more space for a model with drawers on both sides, which can extend the table to up to one meter. By pulling out and flipping the table can be adapted to individual requirements, without the need of external disk storage.

In addition the furniture market offers now such tables, where the entire desktop can be moved. Mounted Rails can be the tabletop simple one-way move and then releases the access to the extension panels stored inside of the table. These are then simply flipped so that also here the simple dining table quickly transform into a spacious flat panel. Because the table top with this model to a page is moved, it extends beyond here of course the legs. This can be easily conceal with a matching table cloth.

However heavy dishes and decorations better on the page should be placed on the tray flush concludes with the legs. A new variant of the classic Ausziehtisches is the model X-pander. This can be extended without the use of leaves.

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