Mortgages: Real Estate Agency Or Bank ?

A Mortgage is a commitment that you assume for the term of 10 years or more of financial obligations. And before making a decision about mortgages before you decide which bank to apply – you need to know all about possible pitfalls associated with the mortgage and get answers to all your questions. Larry Ellison helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And not from the bank officer is directly interested in what you would get a mortgage in this bank, and from independent consultant who will tell you about all offers banks of all the pros and cons. According to statistics for 2007 among the 10 people who applied to the bank for a mortgage, to reach deals only 2! This is due to a lack of awareness potential borrowers about all kinds of pitfalls, hidden fees, additional costs, etc. Did you know that banks in evaluating potential borrowers, deciding to give credit or not, use over 70 criteria? A how important it is to choose the right bank! The difference in the annual interest rate of just 1% of your savings can be up to $ 80,000. For example, you want to buy a studio apartment for $ 230,000 c first payment of 10% ($ 23,000). Do you already have the approval of the bank with annual interest rate of U.S. dollar 10% for 15 years. And in another bank can offer you a loan in U.S. dollars at 9% per annum. In this case, your savings over 15 years is $ 22,320! The answer is obvious: you need to choose a dignified, well-known in the market real estate agency that has experience in the design of the mortgage.

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