Modern Age

We are living the modern age and the modernismo fascinates and enchants the world. In the bible it is written that science would go to be multiplied and can evidence this through the modernismo that we are living. However, the bible in the alert one that science if would multiply, but that the love of many would cool because of the badness that would go to appear. Therefore my friends, what we are seeing and what we are having in the modern world? Beautiful appearances, comfort, at last easiness to live itself. But is alone this that we need to live? The bible says in them that the love would go to cool because of the badness that would appear with the increase of science and the modernization of the world. Therefore, it is what we are seeing! Where it is the feeling, the love, the character? It seems that modernity and the ambition are taking even so the dignity of the men. They see the men who are in the power! It is a corruption without end, uncontrollable for the law.

The lie seems that it turned food for the men. Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. They look at the route that takes great part of young the adolescent, we do not need nor to comment. It is lamentable and chocking to see them in its deliriums. That future will have? We did not want to see what we are seeing, but is the reality. Roubalheira Quanta, quanta dirt, quanta imposture enters the men of the modern world. It sees my friends what he turned the religion! The men place a plate in a hall and say that there it is a church.

Some say that it has the world-wide power, to another one, the universal power. These men if intitle as ‘ ‘ men of Deus’ ‘ says that they are even though apstolos shepherds and. Many times nail the lie, the material prosperity the immediate happiness and carry through false miracles. Everything this to deceive the simple people. They make commerce of the sacred things. many of these churches make until witchcrafts. Church is worship place! the only objective of the Christian has that to be the salvation. Church is not hospital, nor company, is worship place the God. Church is the place where if it denounces the sin. It is the place to nail the salvation through Christ. Therefore, my friends, everything this is lamentable! It is truth that the modernismo fascinates the world, more morally the world is fallen.

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