Mobile Smartphones

50% of the market already are Smartphone and 10% Tablet. More than of Web and mobile, one begins to speak of a single Digital market. – Measurement of Mobile hearings: After many years of fragmentation of data by the multiple actors of the market, they begin to take the first steps to unify criteria, partly thanks to the digital convergence. Comscore will be in charge of the data of hearings in movable Internet, whereas in applications already they begin to standardize metric of pursuit that contribute credibility. – Publicity in the moving body: One is going away to produce an important growth in advertising investment in mobile. The advertising proposal will be enriched by the location, the footbridges of payment and the personalisation that the moving body allows.

To invest in online will also mean to invest in mobile. – Geolocalizacin and increased reality (AR): The geolocalizacin allows to operate with the exact location of the user and to personalize the communications still more. The increased reality it will allow to add information layers extra to which it visualizes the consumer. The interactivity reaches therefore a new level. – Movable Payments: If there is a unique characteristic in the moving body, that better makes the adapted device for the electronic commerce, it is the existence of different fast and integrated footbridges of payment.

It is a characteristic that can be implemented, practically, in any strategy mobile and one is based on the agility of the device. – NFC: Near Field Communication, synonymous of use of the moving body like a credit card when it contacts with a specific reader. There are many expectations deposited in this technology and the market assumes that it will be a small revolution, but will force the user to acquire new specific terminals, leaving the incognito of what percentage of the park of moving bodies will have NFC at the end of year.

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