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Trends in Marketing and advertising the scenario of internet advertising is dizzying. This is due to a couple of factors that permanently auto-alimentan: new technological developments, and the habit of users changes. These changes are so dramatic that we are constantly redefining the concept of market and niche. The reality of the Spanish-speaking market is similar to the of the United States, in the sense of loss of hegemony in the hands of China. Similarly to what happens outside the network, China is slowly becoming the largest community on the planet.

The United States concentrated 13.5% of Internet users in the world (every 100 users who use Internet only 13 are Americans), while Latin America is approaching this percentage concentrating 8% of users in the world. The big surprise is China, which brings together more than 420 million Internet users, 21% of all users worldwide, doubling to the 266 million users who use the Internet in North America. These are statistics provided by a page that constantly monitors Internet usage in the world. No need to analyze it much to give us that there is a great mass of consumers that could perhaps be buyers of our products, but for cultural issues, normally overlook them. Not all Internet users used the traditional computer or computer, either table or portable. A growing mass of users are connecting from their smartphones, or mobile phones with 3 G access. By the way, there are many places where Internet access infrastructure is very poor, so many user use cellular networks to access their web content.

The latest statistics estimated at 5,000 billion cell phones available in the world (around 73% of the world’s population), while only 2,000 million have Internet access from their computers. This shows clearly the need to incorporate Mobile Marketing within the strategy of marketing and advertising of any company. Another secondary reading can make this reality. Even a lot of market to conquer, i.e. users that do not currently have Internet access, but that with the passage of time will have it is. Penetration of the Internet in Asia is only 21.5%, in South America is a 39.5%, and in North America of a 77.4%. Clearly, Asia and South America are markets that still have much to offer in terms of the incorporation of new consumers to the circuit. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to source press release sent by VPA.

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