Mobile Framework Developers Start Panacoda

The specialized service providers developed cross-platform mobile Web apps for businesses and offers comprehensive services in the area of mobile Web / HTML5. Stuttgart, August 12, 2011. The mobile Framework Developer Sebastian Werler and Dominik Laubach and the established mobile enterprise software partner M-way solutions in June 2011 the Panacoda GmbH founded. Panacoda is an open source mobile framework, which is continuously further developed in collaboration with the community. It is one of the first of its kind in all of Europe. The framework forms the basis of the products of Panacoda: cross-platform HTML5-based mobile Web apps that are individually designed the service provider for companies and developed. Panacoda Professional also offers services, training, and premium support.

To Panacoda founder and CEO Sebastian Werler: there is a strong demand for platform-independent and efficient mobile solutions. With the mobile framework the M project’ can easily customized cross-platform mobile apps for Company are developed. The framework structure and simplifies the development process for mobile applications significantly; common requirements are abstracted and provided components, interfaces and tools.” Co-founder Dominik Laubach added: we can reduce to the development effort, which grows with the increasing variety of mobile platforms and devices. We rely on HTML5 technology. With our products and services, we enable companies to their own internal development of their mobile applications. As a result they can significantly lower the cost.” HTML5 is regarded as the technology that mobile will prevail in the area. Industry leaders such as Apple and Google are counting on for some time. HTML5-based apps are almost as powerful as native apps and platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or both running webOS.

Through the collaboration of Panacoda and M-way solutions, initiator of the M project’, integrated services in the field of mobile enterprise solutions can to be offered. About Panacoda the Panacoda GmbH ( de) operates the mobile framework the M project, developed software tools and supports companies in the area of mobile Web development. Panacoda was founded by Sebastian Werler and Dominik Laubach and partner M-way solutions in June 2011 in Stuttgart. M-way Solutions GmbH M-way Solutions GmbH ( is a provider of mobile enterprise software and mobile B2B services. In addition to mobile business intelligence solutions are developed by foreign mobile applications for medium and large companies in and. The company was founded in 2004 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and has offices in Hamburg and Kosice. Press contact CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 4 D-20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 431 791 26 E-Mail:

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