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Are you recruiting potential leaders for your team? One of the biggest challenges of the great leaders of any era is to create and train a team and this team is playing, that’s what you want with the network business, that people you enroll into your network , do you, has been doing to create a network, ie have a group of people who can buy and sell products, this product can be marketed in different parts of the world, and every time someone buys a product you , receive residual income from your franchise no matter where you are the franchise, right? Is not that the purpose of having a business network? General passive income that you can say tomorrow I’m going for USA, to enjoy a vacation and you will not feel the headache of having debts, you have to spend all day stuck in an office and keep scolding from his boss , stressed by the work pending or the amount of work to do feeling that are receiving fair pay or work capacity, watching the years pass and you are always the same, in my lectures I always say this: if you want to get something different you have to do something different, you see a person who is twenty years older you, but having the same profession as you, if that person has not changed and is not generating a strong income, which is thoroughly enjoying a quality life, that’s what you, waiting for you, why should be different? Start from today, to change and learn to take control of your life, before others take it for you, and do not have the compassion needed, simply because you are paying a small monthly salary, I want you to reflect for a moment, Please do not take this the wrong way, continuing the theme of leaving a legacy or form a team of leaders who in turn will train other leaders, if you focus on this direction then you have the measure of victory won, that the organization will growing, while you’re absent or present, if you learn to develop others leaders, those on the right track but you still have to learn something more, that you train these people that they should also train other leaders that is the greatest legacy and the victory secured by an organization, these people will continue your legacy to continue recruiting and training potential leaders and reproduction of third generation leaders, then you saw the way how to promote your MLM business, all great leaders do that do not do it yourself? It’s the smarter way to promote your business is to start selling information on “how to” instead of launching your business from scratch. Some contend that Sheryl Sandberg shows great expertise in this. . . For even more analysis, hear from Henderson Law Group.

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