Mitose Training

William Kwai-Sun Chow was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 3, 1914. Being the eldest son of a Chinese father and Hawaiian mother, was his birthright to inherit the system of Kung Fu from his father. His father Chow Hoon had migrated to Hawaii from Shanghai, China. Hoon was raised and trained to become a Buddhist monk. This training included the system of Kung Fu from his family, which was based on the Shaolin Chuan-fa (fist law, in Japanese) and had been handed down from father to son left for China generations to go to Hawaii left his monastic life and migrated to Hawaii to help your family. A the age of seven years, William began his training in Kung-Fu with his father. As was customary in Chinese culture, foreigners are not taught martial arts, so when William began teaching in the early a 30 class was limited to a few chosen friends.

His first school was under the tree at the bottom of your home Queen Street Honolulu.Durante the life of William Chow, Hawaii became an amalgam of nationalities and conflicting ideas, and violent encounters were part of everyday life. The knowledge of martial arts meant survival, especially the Asians who had the misfortune of finding the drunken soldiers martial arts, these men had never been able to defend themselves against the Americans and Samoans were usually much larger physically them. As Hawaii was a mixing pot of various Asian cultures, offered an unprecedented opportunity to study the martial arts of each country side by side. Although William Chow was very professional in Kung-Fu at the time he met James Mitose in 1942, welcomed the opportunity to expand his knowledge of martial arts. Together they formed the a -Defense Official Club . Mitose was chosen by Chow and other people involved in training to run the Club.

The system was called Mitose. Mitose (born on December 30, 1915 in Hawaii) said he was brought to Japan by his grandfather at the age of four years because he was destined to succeed on their ancestors and become the leader in number 21 of Kosho Kempo , a religious group that trained ministers Buddhists. This temple was located on Mount Kinkai in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan. It was called the a Koshokia temple and taught the Buddhist philosophies a Rinzai Zena. According to Mitose legends of the Shaolin Chuan Fa (Kempo in Japanese Shoriniji) was brought by monks at the temple Koshoki before the Tokugawa period (1600 AD). For a period of time it merged and altered to meet the needs of the Japanese people. This system was divided into the physical and spiritual arts. The arts continued spiritual Buddhist philosophies. The arts were divided into physical three different fighting systems. One system consisted of arts kicks and punches to the kata of the system, and vital areas. The second system of fighting, taught how to defend yourself through the use of forms of push-pull and beating of the extremities.

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