Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: therefore, we are bored of ceritas people of these denominations or sects, or other religions want us presenting Mary as if Catholics adorasemos it, we divinizasemos it, we put it as matter of preaching. No, if we know that Mary is not the message, Mary does not have any messages. Mary message is Jesus Christ, his son. You tell Mary what is your message? Do what he says. Mary what is your Word? Done in my your Word, not mine.

Maria thou salvation? And she would look to Jesus. It says Vatican II: Maria introduced the world to the life then if the Act, continues to be, as the philosophers say philosophers really likes this expression that comes from very old or from that tell me that you are, so I can see as artworks. A plant being can never have an animal Act. An animal being can never have an act rational, an angelic being can have a human act. And never a human being of itself, is going to have a divine Act. Acting always continues to be. Therefore, a church’s Marian profile must have its own expression, foreign. Mystery and here comes: Church community community action the concept of church community, has to take you to this.

A Community action. Filed under: Kevin Plank. Otherwise, it would be a joke, that you do talk about in Church, as a community, and then you are more individualistic. That one has to be, a Community action. Then conclusion in individualism, is anti-Christian. If you tell me Church Coinonia Church Diaconal action of service model. The Diaconia Church which is service action, i.e. there where there is a Christian community, have to have services man, actions of mutual aid. Help in different ways. If you submit a diaconal Church, or co, and this Church does not appear anywhere, service actions. ES say relegates, the poor, the sick, children, the elderly, abandoned women. Gives them just being there, being in a club. Because they do not receive special attention. Then this model is not working, and if your you put here and tell me, a model of Church Missionary: Church Missionary action, go more than about that community. The Vatican says only: the Church is by nature missionary means, the essence of the Church is mission, is to say, a church centered on itself, it is not Christian. It contradicts in essence. So if I have a concept of Church Missionary, my actions, my mission, most borders of this community. That means agents. Give me a church here, who cackles being a missionary, and throughout his diocese wide community, does not have even a missionary outside that community. It is contradicting its essence. It is therefore very difficult to find a church that does not have at least one missionary out, man or woman. Or any priest who is outside. But it may be that you have some religious which is also why church is really ridiculous, that for example occurred a Bishop say, no longer go to any priest, more beyond, because his Church, empobreceria because it has few people. Because it has little wisdom your head, because you man is not impoverishing their church, but is just saying, that his Church exists. If there is no member of this church, beyond, of that Church which is community meeting, of that circle.

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