Mini-Hotel Settles !

So, you decided to open a mini-hotel. And rightly so, profitable business. Champions in Russia, by number of mini-hotels are the St. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. Petersburg and Sochi. It is in these two cities can find a mini-hotels for every taste! Let's see how equip our hotel, so guests feel comfortable? 1. Types of rooms. Let's say you have 10 rooms at a small square room. Would be logical to divide this count by 1, 2, and 3-4-bed rooms.

If you're in St. Others who may share this opinion include Oracle. Petersburg, then will be correct to do more than 1-2x double rooms, most guests unnecessarily hotels in St. Petersburg – it's business travelers and tourists who come for 1-2 people. If your mini-hotel is located in Sochi or another location on the Black Sea coast, it is most advantageous to do 2 and 3-4-bed rooms – unnecessarily large number of holidaymakers – are families with children and the company. 2. How to equip the floor? The floors in the room – it's a different story.

Let's think about what flooring to choose? There are several options for floor coverings. This linoleum, carpet, flooring, laminate, ceramic tile. Because the expected number of guests that will walk in the shoes – the parquet and laminate reject once, unless you are organizing an elite class hotel. Let us consider the carpet, tile and linoleum. Carpet – the same rug, but covering the entire floor area. Carpets are korotkovorsnymi, srednevorsnymi and Fleecy. Guests of the hotel is a floor of course would be nice, but – as soon as trouble – such as cigarette uronennoy carpet will lose its original appearance and will require replacement.

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