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In 2011, Milbertshofen Munich real estate market were offered at the 1,100 condominiums and houses. Milbertshofen is a neighborhood in the North of Munich. Along with “the hard” he makes the City District 11 Milbertshofen-am Hart with a size of approximately 1,300 hectares and almost 68,000 residents. The town was mentioned in the 12th century for the first time. The center of the early Milbertshofens was in today’s motor road.

in 1913, the previously independent city, most recently, was incorporated into Munich. Real estate-technical extensive industrial, commercial and rental condominiums, developed single-family home areas often from the times after the world wars, also. Through the rehabilitation of many housing estates and the construction of modern apartments, the differences to the neighbouring “Nordschwabing” disappear in recent years. With the opening of the Petueltunnels, Schwabing and Milbertshofen through the Petuelpark are connected. In the West you will find the Olympic Park with the Olympic village. (1) the real estate prices in Milbertshofen: in 2011 were approximately 1,100 condominiums and homes through real estate agents in Munich or from privately offered (partially possible double counting). The majority were apartments in the second-hand sector, a total of 657.

Average prices were about EUR 3.200,-per m m, the new 248 offers approx. EUR 4.400,-. Garage and facilities on offer are often included, the figures are therefore not absolutely to see. At the residences, the by privately or by real estate brokers were offered, there in Munchen Milbertshofen 138 objects offers. Used detached houses with a number of 65 and an offer price by an average of approximately EUR 717.000,-166 m of built area had the highest percentage… 31 used semi-detached houses (semi-detached) and row houses (REH) followed in second place with a mean of approximately EUR 550.000,-. 11 MFHs (multi-family) in Munich-Milbertshofen were mostly offered by real estate agents. This building had a total area of 635 square meters on average and cost 2.4 million euros.

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