Mikhail Vladimirovich

And I like how the older children educated. But the current child is brought up not by me, unfortunately. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ron O’Hanley has to say. Direct education plays in our mom. That's when the daughter grows up, I will be able bring it by example. If you want to … – What holidays do you like? – These festivals – church: first, Easter, Christmas. Well, traditionally – the New Year. Although I would love to have it moved to the place where he should be located.

It's some insanity: the Christian side of office kicking: New Year's Eve, then Christmas. This is especially the Bolsheviks did to shat Orthodoxy. And we live with it. Instead of monuments and transfer Street renamed, would put things in order in the festivities. They say that the mental state of the country and society is seen by the way is the case with the holidays. If people understand that they are celebrating, and there is no society on this issue No straining, no question, "What is this holiday?", the company great, everything is in order. For example, we have a feast, 12 June Independence Day. Kill me God, I can not understand that we are celebrating! It's like that celebrate the Day of amputation! This, of course, a great holiday! What is independence from whom? Because it causes swelling in the aggregate of the social brain.

Tie with that need. – Mikhail Vladimirovich, do not want to Do you sometimes say: "All the tired, I leave, I'll just relax?" – I want to. Wanted – perehochetsya! – Your professional attitude to work does not allow you to either relax or to leave or to relax? – This is a way of life, habitat. Pisces live in water, and I live here in this. If the fish washed ashore – it will die. – In the near future any new ideas can we expect from Mikhail Leontiev? – I have a very long ripening a project – is "Big Game" – opposition Russia and Britain, and then, of course, Russia and the United States around Central Asia.

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