Micro Filtration

Equipment of Monitoring: necessary equipment and software for an extensive and intensive program of monitoring of equipment and critical facilities (by the amount of its investment or the productive process). As far as possible to monitor installing testeo points where it wants zones exist cheers of hydraulic circuits or lubrication. Oil monitoring In situ: the program requires techniques and technologies for its successful execution. At the moment there are available portable equipment for detection In situ, that give to instantaneous data of all the properties keys of oils like: particle count, humidity, viscosity, contamination, ferrous densidad, etc. State Street Global Advisors: the source for more info. Equipment of Micro Filtration: the equipment of high criticality, will increase their availability and prote’ge’s of unexpected faults will stay majors by means of suitable facilities of microfiltration in by pass. To invest in proactive mantencin, catching the polluting elements opportunely, will fully rent by increases of productivity and diminution of costs of repairs. Movable and Stationary laboratory: the selection of analysis laboratories must be by service and quality, not by price.

The costs of oil analysis, will be always insignificant in front of the availability of equipment critics or the replacement of vital spare parts. Software for the predictive maintenance: one is not due to limit only the data acquisition that thanks to a suitable processing will collaborate to the early detection of anomalies. The knowledge of real limits condemnatory they will take to the delivery of an advance warning. Accompanied by an accurate diagnosis, it will be the best ally of the availability of the equipment. Manuals of Procedures: the identification and its corresponding documentation, of the suitable procedures are vital for the success of the program. To prevent the causes predetermined by means of behaviors chords with all the organization, will maintain the equipment and facilities with a high degree of trustworthiness and availability.

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